Are You a Soulful Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant or Healer Who is Ready to Attract New Dream Clients and Grow Your Income with Soul and Success?

Do you want to make a big income and an even bigger impact with your brilliance and gifts?

Are you tired of playing small and ready to live the fully expressed, abundant life you’re meant to live?


Hi, and welcome. I’m Rebecca Massoud, and I’m here to show you that you can bring ALL of who you are into creating a thriving and lucrative business.

I know what it’s like to struggle with getting your gifts out there, making a difference AND earning an abundant income while not compromising your well-being and inner spirit.

Perhaps you’ve experienced some of the same frustrations as I did, but have now reached a crossroads in your life…

  • You’re passionate about helping others, but face an overwhelming to-do list everyday
  • You’re full of creative ideas, but missing a clear plan to generate consistent business income right now
  • Your marketing efforts are hit-or-miss, you struggle to effectively communicate what you do, and you’re not consistently attracting the right clients who will pay you what you’re worth
  • You’re feeling the stress of up-and-down income cycles but aren’t sure how to get out of this cycle
  • You experience fear or discomfort when it comes time to raise your prices or charge what you’re TRULY worth with your clients
  • You’re tired of playing small and want to “get out of your own way” and really DO the thing you came here to do!
  • And you enjoy challenging yourself, and you are ready to be committed, decisive and make your success happen

If any of these statements ring true for you, then you’re not alone, and I’m happy to say, you’re in the right place.

I’m here to IGNITE your inner fire and walk you through creating a clear, customized plan that is quick, simple and easy to implement, so that you can have a spiritually and financially-rich business.

The results? More clients, increased income, greater free time, and a life you LOVE.

That’s why I created my Money & Marketing with Soul™ Coaching Program.

Working together, you will have a proven, step-by-step plan that gives you the following:

  • Practical, nuts-and-bolts strategies and action steps as well as the transformational inner work that’s essential for you as an advancing entrepreneur

  • The solution to challenges such as how to charge what you’re worth, attract more clients, brand your unique brilliance, create packages that sell and more

  • What to focus on (and what to let go of) to profitably grow your business and enjoy your life

  • You have PLENTY of money for fun, travel, hobbies, giving back—all the things that really light you up—and you’re living a lifestyle you really want and deserve.

  • More than just a collection of strategies – a way to grow your business that feels easy because all the pieces fit together (giving YOU a sense of flow and grace)

  • Results! You consistently attracting your dream clients and generating increased income–with soul and success.

You see, I believe you have a Divine gift to share.

You’re here to make a big impact in the lives of your clients. And you have a burning desire to inspire and help others transform their lives.

You’re tired of the struggle and want to, once and for all, truly live a life of great abundance and have ALL your dreams come true because…

Well, life is short! You’re here to give. You’re here to serve.

You’re here to be ALL you can be.

And it’s time. Enough with the struggle, the pain and the challenges of going at it alone!

You want to live with soul AND success, make a big impact AND a big income–and have your work be easy, lucrative and fun!

So imagine for a moment that you DO have this life. Imagine that…

  • You are serving your clients at the highest level, helping them transform their lives and being abundantly compensated for the work you do.
  • You run your business each day with ease and grace, knowing that you are on purpose, on track and evolving each day.
  • You don’t ever have to worry about how to pay the bills or make ends meet.
  • You have PLENTY of money for fun, travel, hobbies, giving back—all the things that really light you up—and you’re living a lifestyle you really want and deserve.
  • You feel GREAT about getting the word out about your services—and your marketing is effective and effortlessly flows from you.
  • You wake up each day, pinching yourself, saying, “I LOVE my life!” And you go to bed each night grateful and satisfied, KNOWING that you are living your true purpose.

I’m someone who has manifested MANY big dreams in my life.

I’ve created a thriving marriage with my soulmate husband, a joyful relationship with our amazing son, a close circle of dear friends, excellent health, spiritual community, and a beautiful home surrounded by loving family in San Diego.

But up until just a handful of years ago, my career dreams had yet to be fulfilled.

After 22 years of leadership in marketing, communications and branding, I realized my work was only half-way fulfilling. I had been hiding behind other people’s successes, working on someone else’s timelines and schedules, and riding that proverbial money roller coaster ride…

I finally declared to the Universe: “Enough is enough!”

I realized it was MY time to be successful. It was my time to step out from hiding, move beyond my own limitations and fears, and with courage, give voice to my unique brilliance.

It was then I discovered a new way to live…

With the support of mentors and coaches, not only did I identify and put in practice a proven step-by- step dream-building system to create my dream life, but I also learned a proven step-by- step business-building system to make a big income—and an even bigger impact.

It’s my calling now to support YOU in living your dreams and having a business you love.

What’s true is YOU are meant to live abundantly, joyfully, healthfully and successfully.

You are meant to have what is divinely yours—with no guilt or apologies. And you are definitely deserving of this kind of life!

I believe that it’s no accident that you’re here and reading this—which tells me, it’s YOUR time.

It’s your time to shine your brilliance, be all you’re here to be, give what you’re here to give and ENJOY the riches of life.

I invite you to apply for a complimentary “Light Up Your Passion + Profits” Business Strategy Session by going here.

Together, let’s unlock the key to what’s holding you back from having the kind of business and life you want and deserve—and let’s discover the next best step you can take to create your financially and spiritually-rich business.

“She delivered exactly was I was looking for to help me take my coaching business to the next level quickly and painlessly!”

“Working with Rebecca Massoud has been a blessing to me. She delivered exactly was I was looking for to help me take my coaching business to the next level quickly and painlessly!

“I was stumped in making sense of my marketing copy. After working with Rebecca as a VIP client, I found that I could easily create messages for the different marketing needs before me.

“The real results came for me when I was preparing for a two-day speaking engagement for an executive sales team summit. I had all that I needed to pull from and send over to my assistant. It was that simple. Working with Rebecca enabled me to stay in my own expertise and do what I do best. She gave me the words to do what I do…. better.

“I’m so thankful for her professional, high-end, personalized style of delivery. Her brilliance truly shines! Thank you, Rebecca, for being my ‘go to’ girl for marketing my business.”

Valerie SerentinoLife Energy Coach

“I call Rebecca the rock star of business mentoring. Through Rebecca’s skill, knowledge and heart-centered guidance… I can now talk about my work in a way that my ideal clients say ‘YES! I need that!’”

“I call Rebecca the rock star of business mentoring. Before working with Rebecca, I felt frustrated with getting my message out to the world in the BIG way I desired. There was a language barrier where my ideal clients and me were speaking differently. As a transformational leader and relationship mentor, it was important to access a mutual language and stay true to the spiritual essence of my work. Through Rebecca’s skill, knowledge and heart-centered guidance, I did just that. I can now talk about my work in a way that my ideal clients say ‘YES! I need that!’ I feel more grounded in my speaking, clearer in my web presence and more at ease with making things simple.”

Tziporah KingsburyFounder, Soulful Relating Institute

“As a result of our work together, I’ve created the Mindful Money Institute… and increased my business revenue by 33% last year!”

“Before I started coaching with Rebecca, I was struggling to integrate my longtime career in financial services with my longtime passion of meditation and mindfulness practices. I’m now able to inhabit both energies and realize I don’t have to compromise one for the other.

“As a result of our work together, I’ve created the Mindful Money Institute, which is now in the incubator phase and established as a 501c3 nonprofit–and I increased my business revenue by 33% last year! I’m grateful for Rebecca and the angels who guided us together!”

Tom McAuliffeFinancial Advisor

“Clients are flooding in since our coaching work together…”

“Before working with Rebecca, I struggled with focusing and following through in marketing my business. It was costing me financially and also depleting my confidence because I felt like I couldn’t trust myself to keep commitments.

“I now realize I have the power to follow my dreams and that my dreams are really important to me. Rebecca’s belief in me helped me believe in myself! I am now able to follow through on commitments to my business and to ME, and, because of this, I’ve greatly increased my income.

“Clients are flooding in since our coaching work together, and I am enjoying my work more because I’m more focused and can help others live their dream, too. I feel inspired and alive!”

Lorraine PlattMA, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist