With Marketing Expert + Speaker Coach
Rebecca Massoud

A Membership Program
to Amplify Your Powerful Voice,
and Grow Your Income + Impact
Through Speaking

You’ve Heard the Call to Speak,
Step Up to a Bigger Platform,
Connect to Your Aligned Audience,
and Expand Your Income & Impact
with an Inspiring Message

BUT… along with this call
come questions:
Where are my people?
What stages do I speak on?
And what exactly do I say to convert
my ideal audience into clients?

  • Do you struggle with crafting a clear and succinct message that converts your ideal clients immediately who “get it” and are inspired to want to work with you?
  • Do you wish you could take your brilliant ideas or already-developed body of work and distill them into a signature talk to use on multiple platforms—like live audiences, podcasts, videos, and workshops?
  • Do you sense you are ready to move beyond Toastmasters or giving local, small-group presentations to being seen and visible on a much bigger scale than you have previously?
  • Do you yearn to step into your own spotlight with confidence while receiving a deeper level of support for your business and speaking goals—but in a way that doesn’t break the bank?

I get it.

I’ve been there,
and I can help.

I’m Rebecca Massoud, founder of the Soulful Speakers Club.

I’ll be the first to admit that self-doubt and lack of confidence held me back from creating success on my own terms. In fact, I call myself a “recovering expert hider-outer”!

For literally two decades, I hid out in the corporate world. Until one day in 2012, I answered the call and said YES to my dream of being an entrepreneur.

I finally broke free from my own limitations and, with support, I created a fun, fulfilling and financially abundant business, giving me the freedom I had been longing for.

Early on, I discovered that speaking was the best way to quickly grow my revenue and attract my dream clients. In fact, in one of my first speaking gigs, I landed what would become a $10,000 client–and I was NOT a polished or confident speaker!

Now, I have nothing but gratitude for where I am today: I’ve helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs to double and triple their incomes with a high-converting signature talk and inspired thousands to share their brilliance on stage.

Out of all the marketing strategies, public speaking is

the #1 way

to convert your audience and exponentially grow your income in the most impactful way.


You stepping on stage with your soulful signature talk and loving every minute of it. 

Your audience is engaged, your passion shines through in what you say, and your ideal clients are eager to work with you in that moment.

Imagine you are part of a community of soulful speakers—women entrepreneurs who are stepping into the next level of their brands. Women who are authentically serving their ideal audience and radiantly growing their business from the stage.

What would that look like for both you and your business? And how would that feel?

Are you ready to prosper from your powerful feminine voice?

If you can hear the inner calling—whether it’s a calm voice, a “HELL YES” roar or something in between—then I invite you to join me for the Soulful Speakers Club!

Together, let’s amplify our powerful feminine CEO voices and make the most lasting impact imaginable!





It’s a global online, intimate community of soul-inspired women entrepreneurs, leaders & experts who are bringing their gifts to the world through speaking, teaching, leading and inspiring transformation.

It’s about doubling, or even tripling, your income + impact with speaking and your soulful signature talk.

It’s about growing your confidence and claiming your place as a feminine leader with a powerful voice to be shared and heard.

It’s about you moving beyond what holds you back from being fully seen and visible and getting in front of WAY more of your people.

It’s about showing up in front of your ideal audience in bold ways and inspiring your tribe into action, so they, ultimately, create transformation in their own lives.




Uplevel your business with a Signature Talk that converts an audience into loyal, paying clients.

Receive the tools and guidance to find and book speaking engagements that align with your target audience.

Rehearse your speaking skills among supportive peers and receive exclusive, expert feedback.

Grow your confidence and stage presence as a speaker, leader and woman in the world!


Discover How to:

  • Create a simple marketing plan that has your ideal clients show up for your presentations.
  • Create a compelling lead magnet or opt-in gift.
  • Follow-up from your talks and increase your sales.
  • Put together your speaker promotional materials.
  • Craft your hot client-attracting talk title.
  • Address the fears that have you hide out or hold back your voice.

What Rebeccas Clients Say!

Pamela Jay

“The Soulful Speaker Club has been a catalyst to my higher self–the confident, inspiring and impactful leader I know I am born to be! It’s like having my own band of accountability angels who hear my heart and help birth my story… Being a part of this group under Rebecca’s guidance has boosted my confidence to use my private Facebook group as my “stage ” as a practice for bigger stages to come.

“As a result of being part of the Soulful Speakers Club, so far I’ve received several speaking leads which led to being visible in summits, appeared on 2 radio shows and netted 4 client sessions, received 2 referrals from those in the group, and made more than $3,000 from a recent speaking engagement! Excellent!”

Pamela Jay
Women’s Empowerment Mentor

Valerie Sorrentino
With the Soulful Speakers Club, I feel connected and seen by a very specific set of women, which helps me feel more available in an authentic way. I’ve gotten plenty of valuable and validating feedback from women I “know” and value their perspectives.
This quarter has been my highest revenue so far. Realizing there are many factors, including a very stable schedule (stay at home=less travel), being in the Club helps to anchor speaking and presenting. I love the informative sessions. They’re filled with golden nuggets and great reminders for refining my craft.

Valerie Sorrentino
Work-Life Energy Coach

CarolynnBottino_Web_AustenDiamondPhotography-48 (1) (1)
I have felt so much more confident in my message and being on camera. I am much more on point with my message, and more in my body when I deliver my message. I love this group. Thanks for creating this space!

Carolynn Bottino
Author, The Land of Plenty and Founder, The Money Empowerment Project

Vasi Huntalas
You’ve truly created a space for us to shine, and I am inspired to continue speaking. In our diverse group, we share common values but are different enough to be a rich learning community. Thank you, Rebecca, for putting your heart, soul, and speaking mastery into the Club! I really enjoy your positive and supportive facilitation, and I appreciate your desire to make this a valuable experience for us all.

Vasi Huntalas
Leadership Coach & Intuitive Mentor

Linda Edmiston
I love being a part of this wonderful group of powerful women. The support you get from everyone is such a gift. And I am more inspired in my speaking by working with Rebecca and the group and getting their feedback. Rebecca’s energy, expertise, and experience makes the difference in creating my own talks and presentations so much more powerful than if I was trying to figure it out on my own.

Linda Edmiston
Life Coach

Dana Frames_Magnus60
Since starting the Soulful Speakers Club, I know I am working on a tremendously terrifying and scary part of being a business owner-speaking and leading from a very bold place, on stage! Even with the world changing on how speaking engagements look, Rebecca and with the support of the group has created the space for me to feel like I am not alone, feel listened to, and genuinely care about the success of my speaking! I am so grateful and looking to participate in more for a very long time!

Dana Magnus
Marketing Consultant

What You’ll Receive in the
Soulful Speakers Club:

1 Live Monthly Group Training (via Zoom) Value: $1,500

1 Live “Practice Speaking” & Group Coaching (via Zoom) Value: $1,500

Online Training Library (videos, worksheets, templates, scripts)

Private Facebook Group for support and feedback in between sessions

BONUS! Online Trainings with Guest Experts
Topics to include what to wear on stage, how your physical strength affects your confidence, what colors to wear to get you the right attention, how improv can help you be a better speaker, and MORE.

The Investment



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More Praise…

Miki Jo Resto

“With Rebecca’s coaching and expert guidance, I won a spot to speak at an industry leading conference. I was 1 of 15 people chosen out of 100 applicants! Also, my client base increased substantially as we worked together, and I doubled my income from the previous year.”

Miki Jo Resto
Executive Coach & Founder, Imagine Your Health

Ana Nieto

“Since working with Rebecca for the past year and consistently getting out there and speaking, my client base has grown tremendously—so much so that I’ve doubled my income since last year and was able to quit two part-time jobs and focus entirely on my transformational health coaching business. I’ve now achieved my goal of being a 6-figure business woman again!”

Ana Nieto
Creator, Mindful Online Workouts

Arden Reece

“Rebecca’s expertise helped me let go of ideas that weren’t hitting and hone in on stories that made a difference. Her ability to see a clearer path and guide me in developing a platform speech is true gold.

“To say the program affected my life in a wonderfully positive way is an understatement. I came away not only with a sound structure for how to deliver my work, but I also walked away with a solid group of (tested!) stories that truly resonated with my audience. It’s EASY to speak now to a group!  And the friends I made in the program were truly the icing on the cake. Thank you, Rebecca!!”

Arden Reece
Color Expert

Jenny Griffith

“Hiring Rebecca as my coach for the past year has changed my life. Since I’ve been working with her, not only has my excitement about life and business risen but my income TRIPLED!  Rebecca has helped me solidify my values and has helped me shift my mindset into finding JOY and having FUN everyday instead of chasing down what I don’t have yet.  I HIGHLY recommend Rebecca Massoud for her coaching services and her Speak, Shine, Sell Workshop. I’m so happy we crossed paths because my life would not be the same without her!”

Jenny Griffith
Ayurvedic Practitioner & Chef

Sara Clark-Williams

Rebecca’s Speak, Shine, Sell Workshop and coaching are exactly what I needed to create a strong signature talk that resonates with my audience and engages them to work with me.

I now have a scalable talk I can use from a 20-minute talk all the way up to an all-day workshop! Plus, I now have a clear strong way to open my talks so people can connect with me on a deeper level.”

Sara Clark-Williams
Business Coach & Founder, Fab Fempreneurs

Josee Brisebois

“Rebecca is just amazing. Investing in a VIP Day with her helped me go from nothing to creating a talk I am now proud of and that gets amazing reviews! People were excited about the possibilities and happily signed up for a consultation with me. Rebecca supported me fully to create my talk and a marketing campaign that had more people than ever sign up for my workshop! Rebecca, you are awesome, and I am so grateful you came into my life!”

Josee Brisebois
Personal Stylist for Women in the Spotlight


“I call Rebecca the rock star of business mentoring. Before working with Rebecca, I felt frustrated with getting my message out to the world in the BIG way I desired. There was a language barrier where my ideal clients and I were speaking differently. Through Rebecca’s skill, knowledge and heart-centered guidance, I can now talk about my work in a way that my ideal clients say ‘YES, I need that!’ I feel more grounded in my speaking, clearer in my web presence and more at ease with making things simple.”

Tziporah Kingsbury
Founder, Soulful Relating Institute

Isn’t it Time to Amplify Your Powerful Voice and Be the Highly Visible, Well Paid Feminine Leader You Are Called to Be?

Say Yes
to You!

The Investment