A 1-Day Workshop to
Create Your Client-Attracting
Signature Talk

January 31, 2020,  9-4pm
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

WHAT IS Speak, Shine, Sell?

SPEAK, SHINE, SELL is a 1-day transformative workshop that gives you the tools and strategies to easily grow your list and attract your dream clients.

You will create, step-by-step, your signature presentation—or uplevel the one you already have–so that you get your inspiring message out to your perfect audience AND grow your client base and revenue each time you speak!

3 Reasons Why You Need to
Speak Consistently in Your Business

1. Speaking is the #1 Way to Grow Your Business.

​Speaking is, hands down, one of the best and fastest ways to grow your client base or fill your practice.

Because it’s much quicker to get your message out to a room full of your ideal clients vs. having one conversation at a time with them.

2. Speaking Positions You as an Expert.

​Speaking is also the fastest way to position yourself as an authority or expert in your field.

Because when you speak and deliver great content, you gain instant credibility—and visibility—in the eyes of your audience.

3. ​Speaking Creates a Genuine Connection with Your Audience.​

Why is this important? Because in a service-based business world, connection is currency. ​

​We choose to buy from someone not from our logical brains, but from the emotional center of our brains.

So, when you speak and share your story, you have the perfect opportunity to create​​ authentic emotional connection with your audience and inspire them into action!



Best Reason of All


Because you have a message to share that only YOU can deliver.

And your expertise, your inspiration, your story and unique perspective are here to make a difference in the lives of those you are meant to serve.

Think about it. Each time you speak and share your message you are helping your audience members get closer to solving their urgent problems, ending their suffering or even saving their life!

You Will


  • Your rockin’ client-attracting signature talk DONE – so that you can get out there and speak, inspire your audience AND generate new clients!
  • A proven strategy to make every presentation a money-making opportunity without being salesy.
  • A simple formula to create a compelling title for your talk—THE key to attracting your ideal  clients to your presentation!
  • How to channel nervous energy into confidence.
  • Valuable tips on commanding the stage when you speak… and MORE!


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Investment: $227


Event Details


Friday, January 31
9am – 4pm

Location: Morgan Run Club & Resort
5690 Cancha de Golf
Rancho Santa Fe, CA


Previous Attendees

Sirena Pellarollo

“Speak, Shine, Sell was a breakthrough experience for me. At my next speaking engagement, I was able to easily gather 45 new leads–3 of whom have already become clients! Amazing guidance. Thank you, Rebecca!”

Sirena Pellarollo
Holistic Healer

Christina Hills

“I loved Rebecca’s ‘Speak Shine Sell’ workshop! It helped me get clarity and focus for my next presentation and take the content to the next level. This is the second workshop I’ve participated in with Rebecca, and she always makes the experience fun and engaging, while providing practical marketing tips and strategies to help me in my business. Thank you again, Rebecca!”

Christina Hills
Founder, Website Creation Workshop

Jobie Summer

“Rebecca is an organized, engaging, fun and entertaining workshop leader. Wow, was I impressed with her Speak, Shine, Sell workshop! I truly did walk away from the day with a solid draft of my next presentation as well as skills to develop not only an educational presentation, but one that will help me enroll new clients. The participants all really loved her, and she is definitely the “go to” expert on how to create an effective client-attracting signature talk. Thank you, Rebecca!”

Jobie Summer
Communication Expert

Angeline Hart

“Speak, Shine, Sell was amazing! I paid a LOT of money to another famous coach to learn how to create a signature talk, but ended up confused. Rebecca’s process was so clear and easy. I literally wrote a GREAT signature talk in one day.”

Angeline Hart
Relationship Coach

Tracie Hasse

“Speak, Shine, Sell was a value-packed, fun and empowering roadmap for creating my next talk. So grateful for Rebecca’s passion, commitment and inspiration to live the life of your dreams!”

Tracie Hasse
LinkedIn Strategist


Rebecca Massoud, creator of Speak, Shine, Sell, is an award-winning marketing expert and speaker coach.

Rebecca is known for guiding women entrepreneurs to craft a hot client-attracting signature talk and deliver it with a radiant stage presence, resulting in her clients doubling and tripling their income and impact.

Because many women hold back their voice, stay invisible and, as a result, don’t make the money they desire and deserve (something Rebecca struggled with for years), she has made it her mission to guide female business owners to step into their own spotlight, claim their worth, and be highly visible, client-attracting leaders.

Big-vision marketing and soul-inspired branding has been Rebecca’s passion for more than 25 years. For two decades, she worked in various marketing leadership roles in high tech, higher ed, nonprofits, and startups. She served as Marketing Director for The Shift Network, a global pioneer in delivering online courses with top transformative leaders, as well as Director of Marketing for Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, where she helped launch one of the world’s first MBA programs in sustainability.

Rebecca is a Master Certified Money, Marketing & Soul Coach through the International Association of Women in Coaching, and a Certified Dreambuilder Life Coach through the Life Mastery Institute.

More Praise


Tziporah Kingsbury

“I highly recommend this workshop! Rebecca is my rock star business mentor, and she has empowered me to take my nearly 2 decades of work and experience and organize it, dial it in and show up being able to inspire my audience in new ways.

The challenge for me was not in speaking, or in having the material, it was organizing all of it in a way that really worked!

There is a formula and a beautiful articulate order to a signature talk that is invaluable to have if you want to inspire your audience as well as make an offer from the stage.”

Tziporah Kingsbury
Founder, Soulful Relating Institute


“Speak, Shine, Sell was enlightening! Creating a signature talk was something that seemed so overwhelming before. Rebecca gave a great formula for a winning talk!”

Chris Howard
Life Coach

Bouteina Hassani

“Rebecca is a fabulous mentor! The Speak, Shine, Sell workshop was such an eye opener for me on how to market yourself without sounding like a car salesman and how to turn your presentation into a money-making source while having fun. Plus, I learned how to consistently channel your passion to get more clients and keep them… and many more priceless tools and advice. Come and see for yourself!”

Bouteina Hassani
Interior Decorator/CEO, Mor Rocking Interiors

Megan Gilbert

“Speak, Shine, Sell was fantastic! It gave me the momentum and clarity I needed to move my business forward, and I came away with actionable steps I can implement.”

Megan Gilbert
Photographer, Soulful Elite Founder

Jaki Sabourin

“I just wrapped up a wonderful workshop ‘Speak, Shine, Sell’ presented by Rebecca Massoud. I got a ton of great material and met some amazing people. Rebecca is a gifted speaker and coach. I highly recommend her programs!!”

Jaki Sabourin
Love & Dating Expert

Margarita Mazaracki

“Speak, Shine, Sell was very inspirational. Rebecca is so engaging and brings the best out of each participant. I learned that I can create a powerful presentation by following her simple steps. She shines through the whole workshop. Thank you, Rebecca—a true joy to be here today!”

Margarita Mazaracki
Personal Chef


Reserve Your Seat Right Away

Investment: $227