A Virtual Workshop to
Create Your Client-Attracting
Signature Talk

OCTOBER 28 & 29



WHAT IS Speak, Shine, Sell?

Speak Shine Sell is a “get-it-done” workshop for you to craft your client-attracting signature talk that is aligned with who you are.

During our time together, you will create your signature presentation—or uplevel the one you already have—one fabulous step at a time so you can share your inspiring message, attract your soulmate clients AND boost your revenue each time you speak, just by being you!

3 Reasons Why Speaking Consistently is
Critical to Your Business

1. Speaking is the #1 Way to Grow Your Business.

Today there are more speaking opportunities than EVER available online. 

With speaking, you create leverage. It’s much quicker to get your message out to a room (or Zoom room) full of your ideal clients vs. having one conversation at a time.

2. Speaking Positions You as an Expert.

Speaking is one of the fastest ways to be seen as an authority in your field.

When you speak and deliver great content, you gain instant credibility—and visibility—in the eyes of your audience.

3. ​Speaking Creates a Genuine Connection with Your Audience.​

In our service-based business world, connection is currency. ​

Your ideal clients choose to hire you based on how they feel about you.

And when you speak and share your story, you can create​​ an authentic emotional connection with your audience and inspire them to want to work with you!



Best Reason of All


You have a message to share that only YOU can deliver. And your expertise, your story, and unique perspective are here to make a difference in the lives of those you are meant to serve.

Each time you speak and share your message you are helping your ideal clients get closer to solving an urgent problem, living their dream life, taking action on what they truly want, and expanding into new possibilities!

You Will


  • The next-level version of your client-attracting signature talk DONE.
  • Confidence to step out and speak, attract new soulmate clients–AND grow your revenue. 
  • A way to authentically connect with your audience from a place of vulnerability and also credibility.
  • A proven, non-salesy strategy to make every presentation a money-making opportunity.
  • Simple ways to quickly create content that inspires your audience into action.
  • Tips to shine on stage and amplify your magnetic presence… and MORE!


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Event Details


12 PM – 3:30 PM EASTERN



Previous Attendees

Sirena Pellarollo

“Speak, Shine, Sell was a breakthrough experience for me. At my next speaking engagement, I was able to easily gather 45 new leads–3 of whom have already become clients! Amazing guidance. Thank you, Rebecca!”

Sirena Pellarollo
Holistic Healer

Christina Hills

“I loved Rebecca’s ‘Speak Shine Sell’ workshop! It helped me get clarity and focus for my next presentation and take the content to the next level. This is the second workshop I’ve participated in with Rebecca, and she always makes the experience fun and engaging, while providing practical marketing tips and strategies to help me in my business. Thank you again, Rebecca!”

Christina Hills
Founder, Website Creation Workshop

Jobie Summer

“Rebecca is an organized, engaging, fun and entertaining workshop leader. Wow, was I impressed with her Speak, Shine, Sell workshop! I truly did walk away from the day with a solid draft of my next presentation as well as skills to develop not only an educational presentation, but one that will help me enroll new clients. The participants all really loved her, and she is definitely the “go to” expert on how to create an effective client-attracting signature talk. Thank you, Rebecca!”

Jobie Summer
Communication Expert

Angeline Hart

“Speak, Shine, Sell was amazing! I paid a LOT of money to another famous coach to learn how to create a signature talk, but ended up confused. Rebecca’s process was so clear and easy. I literally wrote a GREAT signature talk in one day.”

Angeline Hart
Relationship Coach

Stephanie Lee

“AWESOME workshop! Very productive and so well organized. Rebecca really listens to workshop participants and offers very thoughtful answers and feedback; it feels like you’re in a one-on-one session. Truly a ‘workshop’ by coming away with a usable product. I’ve got a great start on my signature talk.”

Stephanie Lee
Online Pilates Instructor

Pamela Jay

“Rebecca teaches with such grace and ease and makes this highly-interactive workshop productive and FUN! I now speak with greater clarity and confidence on virtual podcasts, summits, workshops and am happily booking both short-term and long-term ideal clients. Speaking has never been more easy and profitable for me!”

Pamela Jay
Women’s Empowerment Mentor


Rebecca Massoud, creator of Speak Shine Sell and the Soulful Speakers Club, is a speaker coach with 30 years of marketing expertise.

Rebecca is known for guiding women entrepreneurs to craft a soulful signature talk that sells from the heart, resulting in her clients doubling and tripling their income–and their impact.

Because many women hide out, hold back their voice and stay invisible (something Rebecca struggled with for years), she has made it her mission to guide female business owners to step into the spotlight, claim their gifts, and be highly visible, client-attracting leaders. 

Big-vision marketing and soul-inspired branding have been Rebecca’s passion for more than two decades. She has worked in high tech, higher ed, startups, and nonprofits, before starting her coaching business in 2012. 

Rebecca is a Master Certified Money, Marketing & Soul Coach, and a Sacred Money Archetypes Coach through the International Association of Women in Coaching, and a Certified Dreambuilder Coach through the Life Mastery Institute.


More Praise


Sara C-W

Rebecca’s Speak Shine Sell Workshop and coaching sessions are exactly what I needed to create a strong signature talk that resonates with my audience and engages them to work with me. I now have a scalable talk I can use from a 20-minute talk to an all-day workshop! Plus, I now have a clear strong way to open my talks so people can connect with me on a deeper level.”

Sarah Clark-Williams
Founder, Fempreneurs

Vanessa Wilde

“Rebecca is the real deal. She is a wonderful teacher and example for how to speak with clarity, shine boldly, and sell from the heart. I felt safe improving my signature talk and with her expert guidance, I found my title and tagline. I highly recommend Rebecca’s Speak Shine Sell Workshop!

Venessa E. Wilde
Creator, O.Improv and the Blooped Podcast

Carolynn Bottino

“Rebecca’s Speak Shine Sell Workshop helped me create a talk that is engaging, well organized, and flows easily from one concept to the next–including selling! She helped me get into my body and out of my head so I can deliver my message from my heart. Within just one day I increased my confidence in speaking.”

Carolynn Bottino

Author, The Land of Plenty & Founder, The Money Empowerment Project®

Wendy Retzer

“Because of this awesome workshop I was ready to do a keynote talk in a last minute ask from an organization needing a speaker!

Wendy Retzer
Physical Therapist 

Jenny Griffith

“The Speak, Shine, Sell Workshop was an amazing experience! This was my second time taking the course, and it really got me excited to get out and reveal my business to the world. This workshop helped me see my own gifts and know how to confidently share them through speaking.”

Jenny Griffith
Ayurvedic Practitioner

Wendy Johnson

“Wow!  The Speak, Sell, Shine Workshop was an incredible experience! I LOVED spending the day with Rebecca to write my client-attracting signature talk and unique story so I can speak in a more vulnerable, authentic and confident way to attract my ideal clients.  Thank you, Rebecca, from the bottom of my heart, for shining the light of awareness on key points to my unique story and gifts that will connect and captivate my audience!  I’m overjoyed to have clarity and aha’s to dive deeper to practice and deliver my message and offering.”

Wendy Johnson
Life Coach and Mind/Body Expert


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Website Optin (Automation)

Hey there! It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of those introductiony-type things here (truthfully, never). So I thought I’d give it a whirl since it seems like “the thing” to do here on this platform. :)
The truth is I’m pretty inconsistent with posting, even though I REALLY want to be consistent. (Consistency is KEY, they say… right?) I’m also told I have to have a social media strategy, branding photos and tons of content to post everyday, PLUS I need to be creating videos, reels and stories to keep you engaged! It all seems so overwhelming at times…
Yet. I feel the part that really wants to play the part, look good to you, and look like I really know what I’m doing! (Hence, my smart-looking branding photo that reminds me of when I worked in the corporate world all those years ago.)
And. Now I’m 53, have had my business for 9+ years and a lot more perspective. Truly, I’m here to show up as ME, trust myself, trust my timing, trust my WAY, and allow myself to be guided from within. 

I’m a Soulful Speaker Coach and Creator of the popular Speak Shine Sell Workshop to craft your client-attracting signature talk. (There’s one coming up October 28 & 29, btw.)

Women entrepreneurs hire me when they are tired of hiding out or holding back their voice—and long to be fully expressed with their true gifts and message. My clients courageously step into the spotlight with a soulful signature talk (I help them create this) and attract their ideal clients with ease (I help with this, too), as they unapologetically say YES to being seen, heard and highly visible.
That’s the cut & paste version :)

And to round out the picture, here’s what a few clients have shared with me recently:
Continued in comments below…
Happy Friday, loves. Friday is Venus’ Day and named after the Germanic goddess Frigga. Venus energy is about love, beauty, luxury and abundance. 

Friday mornings I typically put on uplifting tunes, wrap up loose ends from the work week, and tidy up my office. I often schedule my workshops and webinars on Friday mornings, too, because of its "feel good" vibe. 

Then, I love having lunch with my husband at the beach (beauty & romance) and take off in the afternoons for boogie boarding, self-care or a shopping treat. Today it’s boogie boarding! 

What do feel-good Fridays look like for you? 

#soulpreneur #soulfulbusiness #spiritualbusinesscoach #speakercoach #feelgoodfriday #boogieboarding #beachlife #womenempoweringwomen
Happy Thursday, beautiful souls! 

Thursday is Thor's Day, the Norse god of strength and protection. In most Romance languages, the day is named after the Roman god Jupiter. 

Jupiter is associated with growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune and miracles. 

So Thursdays are another fabulous day for client sessions, meetings, collaboration, networking, connecting, sending emails--as, in my experience, most people tend to be in an expansive, positive mood. (Because, hey, tomorrow is Friday!) 

Sending love to you on this Thursday and hoping you are in a wonderful, life-giving mood. 

Also, a special shout-out to my client @creatively_jessica for her awesome “I love you” t-shirts! 

What is your typical Thursday vibe? 

#soulpreneur #soulfulbusiness #speakercoach #spiritualbusinesscoach #womenempoweringwomen #transformationthursday #daysoftheweek #iloveyou #magicisafoot
I can’t believe I get to dress up and go to my first in-person networking event with these two lovelies, @ananieto1230 and @josee.wecanstyle, today! {photo from 2 years ago}

Wednesday, Mercury's Day, is all about communication and mental energy. Remember the Roman god Mercury, the swift messenger of all the other gods? 

Wednesdays are such a great day to send out your e-newsletter, speak to groups, create a lengthy post on social media, develop curriculum, and attend a networking event! 

I typically have a lot of energy on Wednesdays—I see clients and also schedule my Soulful Speakers group coaching sessions on these days.

Haven’t touched business cards in 18 months, so just now remembering to toss some in my bag before I head out the door! 

What is your Wednesday vibe? 

#soulfulbusiness #soulpreneur #wednesdaywisdom #spiritualbusiness #speakercoach #daysoftheweek #ewomennetwork #fabfempreneurs #spiritualbusinesscoach #womenempoweringwomen #femalenetworking
Did you know that Tuesday is named after the Roman god of war Mars? In Spanish, it’s Martes. Tuesdays are about action, vitality, and passionately going for what you want. 

I spend a lot of time on my laptop on Tuesdays getting sh*t done, seeing clients, and working on projects. The energy moves on these days! 

I also have my weekly strength training sessions on Tuesdays to activate my warrior goddess even more 💪✨💪

It’s no surprise that Tuesday is statistically the most productive day of the week! 

What energetic qualities do you notice on Tuesdays? 

#soulfulbusiness #soulpreneur #speakercoach #spiritualbusiness #transformationtuesday #getshitdone #warriorgoddess #daysoftheweek #spiritualbusinesscoach
Have you noticed that each day of the week has a unique rhythm to it?⠀
Named after a Greek, Roman or Norse god or goddess, each day contains a powerful archetypal energy. ⠀
When I became a business owner and started setting up my work week incorporating the energies of each day, it became a game-changer for my business and my wellbeing. ⠀
For example, Monday is the Moon's Day. Moon energy is feminine, intuitive, creative, emotional and introspective. No wonder I resisted plunging into Monday meetings all those years in the corporate world! 

So I stopped seeing clients on Mondays. It became my "transition day" to reflect, plan out the week, write, create content, and reconnect with myself, especially if I've had a busy social weekend. 

I also have a 1-hour, deep-dive phone call on Monday mornings with two of my closest friends where we mastermind together and share our personal & business desires, reflections and insights. A ritual we've continued for more than 8 years now.

What’s your Monday mood on this Moon Day? 🌓
For a few years I've dreamed about leading an in-person retreat for my community. Has this been a desire or calling for you as well?

If so or even if you're just curious about retreats, you'll want to tune in to my delightful conversation with retreat planning expert Tamara Golden of @journeyworkretreats {link in bio}

We cover a ton of ground in just 30 minutes, including: 

 * The 3 elements that must go into every in-person retreat (including one that many retreat leaders leave out), so that your clients walk away with lasting transformation and results.

* What you need to have in place in your business before hosting a retreat.

* When is the right time to offer your first retreat (Tamara illuminates this "sweet spot" for many business owners).

* How to make money from leading an in-person retreat--including both short-term and long-term ways to bring in revenue.

While we don't know the outcome of this pandemic, Tamara believes (and I agree) that NOW is a great time to begin planning an in-person retreat. People are HUNGRY for more meaningful in-person gatherings, while Zoom fatigue is only growing. 

Listen in to our "all about retreats" conversation. {click on the link in my bio}

My vision is to create an in-person retreat for women entrepreneurs that is a mix of practical business-building stuff (speaking, visibility & messaging) along with fun, pleasure & play. Stay tuned, my friends…✨✨✨

#soulfulbusiness #soulfulbusinesscoach #retreatplanning #retreatleader #speakercoach #savvysoulfulsuccessful #speakshinesell
First day of middle school, 7th grade. How did this happen?!
Happy birthday to my amazing love 💕 Celebrating your kindhearted, fun-loving, soulful self is one of life’s greatest joys.
Recently I interviewed the fabulous @isabeldraughon, life transformation coach and spiritual mentor for ambitious women entrepreneurs. 

Isabel shares how women can connect to their inner power--what she calls "the loud whisper"--unleash their voice, and free themselves to live their most amazing life. 

Living in survival mode right before her 40th birthday, Isabel tells us about her 3 a.m. wake-up call that had her discover the truth of who she really is. She went on to become a two-time marathon runner and start her business, where she coaches and inspires her clients and community to tap into their "loud whisper."

✨Link in bio to listen to our conversation ✨

#soulpreneurs #soulfulbusiness #spiritualbusinesscoach #spiritualawakening #womenentrepreneurs #womenempoweringwomen #loudwhisper
The purpose of life is to know yourself and love yourself and trust yourself and be yourself. 

The older I get, the more I realize it truly is as simple as that. 

Wishing everyone a happy holiday time 🥰
Last night with this amazing man 💕Celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary ✨
Happiness is… getting together with a dear friend, longtime client and one of my founding Soulful Speaker members @omvalerie for a beach walk and lovely, nourishing connection time 💛

#soulpreneurs #womenempoweringwomen #soulfulbusiness #soulfulspeaking
Kian’s 6th grade promotion is what’s been happening in my world. It’s been his best year yet, despite Covid, and I’m so very grateful he was able to do in-person school with his friends and the most amazing teachers. 🙏✨💛
Recently, I got judgey with myself at a classy sales training with a wonderful mentor. 

Why am I not better at this? (We were doing a role-playing exercise.) Why is this feeling so hard? Why does SHE sound so much better than me?

Ugh, so confronting! 

Afterwards, I realized I wasn’t giving myself permission to SUCK. To be messy, unpolished and boldly out front with my not knowing. 

I was holding back my voice, as I wanted to come across as the cat’s meow and like I really had my sh*t together. 😯

So I had a pep talk with myself. 

I said: I’m still ok. I’m still a leader even though this moment feels hard and messy, and I feel like I should be further along than I am. (In fact, it seemed like most of the women in the training were struggling.) 

I said: There’s nothing wrong with me, and there’s no right or wrong way. I love myself, no matter what. 

And next time, I thought: I DO want to stretch myself, even if it’s just a little bit further out, and dare to SUCK! 

Happy Friday, everyone 💛 Where’s one place you’re wanting to edge out a bit beyond your comfort zone and maybe even dare to suck while doing it? 

#soulpreneur #soulfulbusiness #spiritualbusiness #soulfulspeaking #womensupportingwomen #daretosuck #ilovemyselfnomatterwhat
I LOVED my recent conversation with @peggylebo on OWNING the power of your true voice! 

Peggy is the founder of The True Voice Method, a singer-songwriter and vocal coach. 

She shared so many incredible insights on how women entrepreneurs can find and free their most authentic voices—and make their greatest impact. 

👉Go to the link in my bio and listen in! 

#soulpreneurs #womenempoweringwomen #spiritualbusiness #soulfulspeaking #truevoice #authenticmarketing #womensupportingwomen #highlysensitivewomen #savvysoulfulsuccessful
Just back from a luxuriant trip to the Bay Area visiting besties, playing and sinking in to Mother Nature. Pure food for my soul. 

What have you been doing lately that feeds and nourishes your soul? 

#soulnourishment #womeninbusiness #womenempoweringwomen #soulpreneurs #rejuvenationtime
Hooray! So happy to share an interview with my friend @christinemariehoward_ on her Radiant Achiever Show. Go to Christine’s bio to check it out. 

#soulpreneur #soulfulbusiness #soulfulspeaking #radiantachievement #womenempoweringwomen
Breakfast in bed from this big cutie pie and a long luxurious talk with my dear momma... a perfect start to the day 🌷 #happymothersday 🌷
Lunch date with my most favorite grown-up on the planet! 😍
A GOLD STAR for you! 🌟 You deserve a gold star* today. You showed up. You did your best. You breathed, you felt, you loved. You are amazing, and you are so deserving of a gold star every day. 💛

*Found on my walk today

#soulpreneur #spiritualbusiness #awakeningconsciousness #soulfulspeaking #speakercoach #goldstarday
#mondaymusings Hi, my friend. How are you doing? I took a week-plus rest from IG, and it’s had me ponder my love-hate relationship with social media—and be with a myriad of thoughts & feelings. 

Many times I feel the joy & pleasure of connecting here with amazing people like you, sharing my insights, promoting my business stuff. And other times it feels like pressure. (Ugh, I really hate feeling pressured.)

I notice feelings of resistance come up: Do I REALLY need to post so often? Do I REALLY need all those hashtags? I notice thoughts of comparison and competitiveness: Am I doing it right? Am I doing enough? Is it good enough? I notice thoughts of complacency: What’s the point of all this anyway? Do I really need to even share this post? 

And yet, here I am on a Monday evening showing up with no strategy in mind other than to speak what is on my heart and create a deeper connection with you—and with myself. 

Because it all comes down to this: I am very, very human, and I’ve learned (still learning) to embrace with compassion ALL parts of me. I am also magnificently and gloriously divine! I AM THAT. The awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping beauty of this life is the coming together, the dance of the human and divine, and being, feeling and embodying all of it. 

YOU ARE THAT, TOO. I see your light and send you my love 💛

#soulfulspeaking #spiritualjourney #soulpreneur #speakfromtheheart #awakeningconsciousness #divinelove #spiritualcoach
I’m speaking today at 11am Pacific at the free online Simplified Wellness Weekend! My amazing client Kat @thesimplifiedlife has curated a fabulous lineup of wellness leaders and speakers today and tomorrow to nurture and engage your mind, body and soul. ✨💛

Join us for this free event: thesimplifiedlife.com/wellness
Do you get bogged down with indecision or overthinking things with your biz? The key to soul-aligned growth is to make decisions quickly and then act on them. 

Because guess what? You can always change your mind, and make a new decision! 

Trust yourself. Trust your gut instincts. Cultivate deep and intimate self-trust, the cornerstone of a soul-sourced business. 

Truly, in the grand scheme of things, you can never mess up or make a mistake. 

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and decide the best you can with what you know now. Then, allow the magic to unfold...✨💛 

#soulpreneur #soulfulbusiness #womeninbusiness #womenempoweringwomen #soulfulspeaking #spiritualbusinesscoach #speakercoach
My amazing client Kat of @thesimplifiedlife is leading a free Wellness Weekend with a carefully curated lineup of experts on wellness, fitness, passion, calling, mental health, home care and more next weekend, April 24-25! I’m honored to be one of the presenters! 😻

Sign up here: thesimplifiedlife.com/wellness
I’m celebrating how much I absolutely love and adore ALL my clients--the ones who come to my workshops, the ones who join my Soulful Speakers Club, and the ones who hire me to coach them privately.

Every single one of them makes me jump for joy. 💃

I'm celebrating that they are my ideal clients or what I call my soul peeps because it definitely has not always been this way!

What's made the difference for me? A few things that I want to share with you today... 

* "Just Do You" - India.Arie's song by this name is one of my biz theme songs! The more you just do YOU--accepting with compassion every facet of who you are including the shadow and ugly parts--the more genuine love you have for yourself, which results in attracting those whom you genuinely love. 

* Quality Over Quantity - I average about 10 people in my workshops that I host about once a quarter. Could I have bigger numbers? I'm definitely open to that. But what's been even more important to me is to focus on the quality of people I'm attracting FIRST and then expand with quantity from there. 

* Let Them Go With Love - If someone doesn't resonate with what I share or I don't resonate with them, I let them go with an open heart and a blessing for their journey. I don't need any one particular client, even if I think my bank account or my revenue goal may say otherwise.

* Intimacy & Connection - This is one of my top values in my business. My clients often become dear friends, and dear friends often become clients. 

Do you LOVE all of your clients? What would help you love them more and even jump for joy over them?

Drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear! 

#idealclient #businesscelebration #soulpreneur #womeninbusiness #womenempoweringwomen #soulfulbusiness #soulfulspeaking #soulmateclients #speakercoach
One thing that takes me over the moon with joy? Boogieboarding with besties! Happy new month of April ✨ Celebrating your joy and precious light ✨

#boogieboarding #delmarbeach #shineyourlight #joy #gratitude #bestfriends #happyeaster #springishere