Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur, coach or consultant who is ready to make a big impact AND a big 6-figure income–with ease, freedom and fun?

Do you want to live with soul AND success–while you give your gifts and shine your brilliance in the biggest way possible?

Are you tired of playing small and ready to come out from hiding and live the fully expressed, abundant life you’re meant to live?

Hi, and welcome to SHINE! My name is Rebecca Bell Massoud, and I’m deeply committed to helping entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, like you, bring ALL of who you are into creating a thriving and lucrative business.

I know what it’s like to struggle with getting your gifts out there, making a difference AND earning an abundant income while not compromising your well-being and inner spirit.

Perhaps you’ve experienced some of the same frustrations as I did, but have now reached an urgent crossroads in your life…

  • You are passionate about your work, but you’ve been “in hiding” or holding back from taking your business to the next level
  • You can let fear, doubt and worry creep in at times and stop you from taking the actions you know you need to take
  • You get overwhelmed by all the things on your “to do” list to build your business
  • You struggle with marketing and promoting yourself, or getting the word out about what you do feels “icky”
  • You’d like to get off the money roller coaster ride, once for all!
  • You experience fear or discomfort when it comes time to raise your prices, ask for what you deserve or charge what you’re TRULY worth with your clients
  • You’re tired of playing small and want to “get out of your own way” and really DO the thing you came here to do!

If any of these ring true for you, then you’re in the right place!

“My clients are paying me more…and I love that I am attracting more money into my life now!”

“Before my coaching work with Rebecca, money felt uncontrollable to me, like it had a life of its own and I didn’t have a handle on it. I was experiencing a rubberband effect with money–going from extremes of having a lot of it and then having no money.

“Since my work with Rebecca, I learned the importance of taking daily consistent actions around money. The results have been amazing! I’m noticing there’s money coming in from random sources and that my clients are paying me more. I feel more balanced and lighter, and I love that I am attracting more money into my life now!”

– Danielle Hougard, Intuitive Life Coach

You have a Divine gift to share. You’re here to make a big impact in the lives of your clients. And you have a burning desire to inspire and help others transform their lives.

You’re tired of the struggle and want to, once for all, truly live a life of great abundance and have ALL your dreams come true because…

Well, life is short! You’re here to give. You’re here to serve. You’re here to be ALL you can be.

And it’s time. Enough with the struggle, the pain and the challenges of going at it alone!

You want to live with soul AND success, make a big impact AND a big income—and have your work be easy, lucrative and fun!

So, I want you to imagine for a moment that you DO have this life.

Imagine that…

  • You are serving your clients at the highest level, helping them transform their lives and being abundantly compensated for the work you do.
  • You run your business each day with ease and grace, knowing that you are on purpose, on track and evolving each day
  • You don’t ever have to worry about how to pay the bills or make ends meet
  • You have PLENTY of money for fun, travel, hobbies, giving back—all the things that really light you up—and you’re living a lifestyle you really want and deserve
  • You feel GREAT about getting the word out about you and your business—and that your marketing is effective and effortlessly flows from you
  • You wake up each day, pinching yourself, saying, “I LOVE my life!”And you go to bed each night grateful and satisfied, KNOWING that you are living your true purpose.

Well, I’m here to IGNITE your inner fire and support you with practical tools and know-how, so that you CAN finally claim your financially and spiritually rich business–and your magnificent life!

I’m someone who has manifested MANY of my big dreams in life–a beautiful partnership marriage with my soulmate husband, a lively & amazing son, a close circle of dear friends, great health, spiritual community, and a beautiful home surrounded by loving family in San Diego.

But up until just a few years ago, my career dreams had yet to be fulfilled. After 22 years of leadership in marketing, communications and branding, I realized my work was only half-way fulfilling. I had been hiding behind other people’s successes, working on someone else’s timelines and schedules, and riding that proverbial money roller coaster ride…

I finally declared to the Universe: “Enough is enough!”

I realized it was MY time to be successful. It was my time to really step out from hiding, move beyond my own limitations and fears, and with courage, give voice to my unique brilliance.

It was then I discovered a new way to live…

With the support of mentors and coaches, not only did I identify and put in practice a proven step-by-step “dreambuilding” system for taking any dream of mine from possible, to probable, to predictable success.

But I also learned the money and marketing strategies and tools, as well as the mindset needed, to take any service-based business to 6 figures and beyond.

It’s my calling now to support YOU in living your dreams and having a business that creates an abundant livelihood for you and makes a big difference in the lives of your clients.

“Last month, I doubled my income in my business!”

“Before working with Rebecca, I didn’t know how my business was going to support me in reaching a big vision to create a yoga and wellness center on the Turkish coast. Since working with Rebecca as my coach, I have created a prenatal yoga class place in my community that is making a difference in preparing mothers for childbirth. I have also supported my husband in generating more than $50,000 in his part-time mobile app business that is seed money for our dream to live in Turkey. And last month, I doubled my income in my business! Out of my coaching relationship with her, I have a more full, rich and intentional life. I am grateful for Rebecca’s keen listening and communication skills. I also love that she supports me in sinking deeper for my own inner guidance and truth.

– Eve Peterson Topaloglu, Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Birth Doula

What’s true is we’re ALL meant to live abundantly, joyfully, healthfully and whole.

We’re all meant to have what we want—with no guilt or apologies. We’re ALL deserving of this kind of life. I’m no more special than you are, and neither are any of the most successful and prosperous people in the world!

I believe that it’s no accident that you’re here and reading this—which tells me, it’s YOUR time!

It’s your time to SHINE—and really be all you’re here to be, give what you’re here to give and ENJOY all the riches of life.

I invite you to apply for a complimentary Visionary Business Breakthrough Session, in which we begin to unlock the key to what’s holding you back from having the kind of business and life you want and deserve—and the next best step you can take to create what your heart truly desires NOW.


Join my virtual community & receive my FREE SOULFUL SIGNATURE TALK TEMPLATE
to attract your ideal clients and grow your tribe as my thank you.

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Happy Love Day to you 💕
The best Christmas gift of all ✨💛💫
The best work buddy 💛✨🐶
Happy 15, my love ✨💖✨

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Salut de Paris 🇫🇷
Loved my interview with the incredible @jennyharkleroad of Balanced YOU. Jenny shared about her dramatic story that led to a complete turnaround in her life and healing from crippling back pain, addiction and marital discord.

To listen in, click on the link in my profile 👉
I’m so proud of my mom Nancy. At 92, she finished writing her life story and gave all us kids copies of her book at Christmas. She does not hold back in telling her story—and is achingly transparent as she shares about heartbreak, disappointments and rejection, plus bouts of addiction and depression. She is an overcomer, and of course shares about her deep faith and the many moments of joy and happiness. 

Her book serves as a talisman of sorts that is spurring me on in my writing retreat this week. Thank you and I love you so much, Momma joon! 

#happymothersday #motherlove #writingretreat
Money. Justice. Spirituality. Big topics! My dear friend Susan Shloss is passionate about the intersection of these themes, and, lucky me, I got to interview her recently on my radio show. 
 ✨Listen in to our 30-min conversation by clicking the link in my bio. ✨

#soulfulbusiness #womenentrepreneurs #spiritualentrepreneurs #justice #abundance
Spring Break 2022. Feeling so much gratitude for these majestic moments in life ✨
“Every cell is a masterpiece in divinity.” 

My favorite quote shared by a scientist and compassion expert at the fabulous TEDxSanDiego event on Sunday. 

Incredible speakers including Holocaust survivor Dr Edith Eger and a Zen Buddhist monk, Taiko drumming, spoken-word poetry, and a ukulele master who had us all singing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” 

Thank you #tedxsandiego for an amazing day! 

#tedxtalks #tedxspeakercoach #tedtalks #sandiego
Happy Spring Equinox, Happy Persian New Year 🌷This is one of my favorite times of the year where we honor Nowruz, the Persian New Year, by creating a traditional decorative table called a Haft-Seen. 

Haft means Seven in Farsi and this year our 7 items include:

- Sabzeh (wheatgrass) for rebirth 
- Senjed (dried fruit) for love 
- Seer (garlic) for medicine 
- Seeb (apple) for beauty & health 
- Serkeh (vinegar) for age & patience 
- Sonbol (hyacinth) for the coming of spring 
- Sekkeh (coins) for wealth & prosperity

Plus, we have a book of poetry by Hafez, candles for light, sweet treats to invite in more goodness, plus eggs, birds and “swimming fish” to welcome the new year. 

#happyspring #nowruzmobarak #persiannewyear #springequinox #beauty #balance #light #thankful #grateful #blessed
Happy International Women’s Day! I’m grateful for these amazing women in my life, plus many more. Celebrating women everywhere and the feminine in all its beautiful forms ✨💛✨

#internationalwomensday #womenentrepreneurs #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenshistorymonth #soulfulspeaking
May you feel the boundless love of the Universe today and everyday 💖
My awesome TEDx speaker client @bonnielowkramen (upper right) just nailed her talk—“The Real Reasons People Quit”—at @tedxrutgerscamden! Bravo, Bonnie! 👏👏👏

#tedxtalks #tedxspeakercoach #tedtalks #speakercoach #womenempoweringwomen #brandnewending #greatresignation
Happy Lunar New Year! 🎉Super excited about this new Year of the Tiger 🐯 and its Yang energy of courage, confidence and forward movement.

Today is also Imbolc, a Gaelic tradition that marks the halfway point between winter solstice and spring equinox. 

I am loving this fresh energy of rebirth and renewal and feel like in some ways my year is just starting. 

Sending love, peace & prosperity your way! ✨💛✨
Ski buddies ⛷
Happy 2022 to you ✨ May this new year bring you the gifts of inner peace, personal fulfillment, abundance in many forms, and self-compassion, which can’t help but ripple out to all. 

Sending much love to you all on this day, a new beginning ✨💛✨
Happy holidays here with my sweet momma ✨
Proud to share my SUE Talk recording. See the link in my bio to watch. 

#suetalks #publicspeaking #speakercoach #findyourfierce #womenempoweringwomen  #soulfulbusiness #womenentrepreneurs
My clients rocked it last night with their SUE Talks! Way to go @carolynnbottino and @mjresto with sharing your empowering messages 👏👏👏

#suetalks #speakercoach #publicspeaking #womenempoweringwomen #tedstyletalk #soulfulspeaking
It’s official! I’m thrilled to support the amazing @tedxrutgerscamden team and the incredible lineup of speakers as a TEDx speaker coach. 

#tedxtalks #speakercoach #tedx #ideasworthspreading #tedxspeakercoach #tedxrutgerscamden #brandnewending
Day 1 of my 25th Speak Shine Sell Workshop is a wrap 🎉  I am really loving the intimacy and connection of this small group. These awesome women entrepreneurs are making great progress on their signature talks. And I can’t wait to see what they create in Day 2 tomorrow! 

#speakercoach #signaturetalk #soulfulbusiness #authenticmarketing #publicspeaking #womenentrepreneurs #womensupportingwomen #speakshinesell
Amazing things happen when women gather to create and start to give voice to their gifts, their passion, their vision and their brilliance.⠀
That is exactly what is happening this week at my Speak Shine Sell Workshop.⠀
Incredible female entrepreneurs are gathering on Zoom to craft or refine their signature talks, so they can reach many more ideal clients on live and virtual stages, and amplify their income and impact.⠀
This will be my 25th Speak Speak Sell Workshop.⠀
Yes, you read that right. #25! 🎉 (Photo above is a throwback from 2018.)⠀
After this one, I'm being guided to pause on offering this workshop for awhile.⠀
So if you've been thinking about attending Speak Shine Sell, I urge you to join us now!⠀
Here are a few success stories of clients who have attended Speak Shine Sell and/or I've worked with them privately on their signature talk:⠀
Two of my clients have now been selected to give a SUE Talk (a TED-style talk like the one I did recently) this December in Orange County!⠀
One client recently gave a presentation at Greenbuild, the largest conference for green building professionals worldwide, and then promptly booked two more speaking gigs from the contacts she made there.⠀
One of my Soulful Speakers Club members (and former private client) just launched her first ever, SOLD OUT group program--that was birthed out of developing her signature talk.⠀
Another Speak Shine Sell attendee and private client doubled (and then tripled!) her income after creating her signature talk and delivering it 1-2 times per month consistently.⠀
And a Speak Shine Sell attendee after attending the workshop gave a keynote the very next week and booked 3 new clients right away!⠀
Speak Shine Sell is perfect for you if you're a female coach, consultant, healer, leader or small business owner who has a deep desire to share an inspiring, soulful message--AND attract many more amazing clients to your business.⠀
You will create, from start to finish, a solid draft of your signature talk--or uplevel the one you already have--so that you are ready to get on virtual & live stages & bring in more money to your business!⠀
Click link in bio to register.
A signature talk is one of the best ways to attract your perfect clients.⠀
Having a signature talk and then delivering it in front of groups is exactly how I was able to quickly start and grow my business 9 years ago.⠀
My very first clients came from giving a workshop in my chiropractor’s waiting room, leading a roundtable at a women’s conference, and speaking at the Optimist Club.⠀
Having a soulful signature talk ready to go prepares you for the vast speaking opportunities that are available at in-person events (yes, they’re back!) and online.⠀
Get ready, because many event organizers and groups are looking for experts just like YOU to fill their speaking spots and inspire their audience members.⠀
What’s really cool is that once you create your signature talk–or evolve it to the next level–you can use it so MANY ways!⠀
Here are 13 ways my clients and I are getting visible and attracting amazing new clients with our signature talks:⠀
1) Webinar or online workshop⠀
2) Podcast/radio interview⠀
3) Online global summit⠀
4) Conference breakout presenter or keynote⠀
5) Business networking event⠀
6) TEDx or TED-style talk⠀
7) Facebook Live or post in private FB group⠀
8) Instagram post⠀
9) LinkedIn article⠀
10) Youtube video⠀
11) Blog post or email to list⠀
12) “What do you do?” statement⠀
13) Framework for book⠀
One of my clients recently spoke at the Greenbuild International Conference and is using her presentation as a framework for a forthcoming book.⠀
Another client gave the keynote at a global wellness event, and another is speaking to a realtors group and recording videos for her new group coaching program. ⠀
And my signature talk served as the perfect foundation for my recent TED-style SUE Talk!⠀
I’d love to support you in crafting your signature talk or fine-tuning your message at my upcoming Speak Shine Sell Workshop.⠀
We’ll work top to bottom on your talk, and you’ll craft your story, flesh out your content and create a compelling call to action. Or you can take what you already have and evolve it to the next level.⠀
Click the link in my bio for details!
Amidst all the flurry of my SUE Talk, I've been meaning to let you know I'm teaching my Speak Shine Sell Workshop next week, October 28 & 29, so that you can craft YOUR signature talk! 

I've now coached hundreds of women entrepreneurs on how to use speaking to get visible & attract amazing new clients. It starts with having a signature talk that genuinely expresses who YOU are--and meets an urgent need of your ideal clients. 

I hope you can join me! Oct 28 & 29 (2 half-days) on Zoom. 😍

👉See link in my bio

Thank you to @thedanamagnus of @mktgbrand for the awesome video, too! 

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Preparing for my SUE Talk next week has been an amazing experience so far and has come with a few insights:

1) The value of support - Receiving coaching for my talk has made the experience so much more FUN and far less nerve-wracking than if I was doing it on my own. And wise input from others has helped me create a more compelling talk!

2) Every word counts - Distilling my message down to 10 minutes has been a challenge. And it’s helped me clarify the essence of what I'm truly here to share and realize that fewer words can still have enormous impact. 

3) Public speaking still brings me to my edge - I'll be sharing a story that I've never publicly shared before in my upcoming talk, and what an opportunity this process has been to let go of more anxiety, self-doubt and worry about what others will think. 

I can honestly say I'm truly grateful for my “stuff” coming up, so I can consciously release it. 

Thank you for your loving support and being on this journey with me! 💛

#suetalks #womenspeakers #womenempoweringwomen #soulfulbusiness #womenentrepreneurs #publicspeaking #signaturetalk #soulfulspeaking #speakshinesell
This girl is on FIRRRRRRRE! What a journey this has been as I prepare to be one of six presenters for SUE Talks in San Diego next week. The theme is Find Your Fierce, and my TED-style talk title is “3 Dares and a Truth.” 

I’d love your support! Join me LIVE in person or via livestream on Oct. 12th for one incredible evening of bold, passionate and inspiring talks. 😍

#suetalks #publicspeaking #womenempoweringwomen 
#soulfulspeaking #publicspeaking #womenentrepreneurs #soulfulbusiness
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