Does this sound familiar… ?

You have every good intention of being more visible, getting your message out there, attracting lots more wonderful clients, and making way money in your business. You’ve been longing for this for too many months to count. Years, perhaps.

In fact, each year you may be saying:

THIS will be the year when I finally get out of my own way and trust the deeper part of me that desires to be fully seen and visible.

THIS will be the year when I share my story with many more people–with credibility AND vulnerability.

THIS will be the year when I finally put my signature talk together.

THIS will be the year when I begin speaking regularly and attract many more fun and exciting clients.

THIS will be the year when I reach my income goal and create the abundance I’ve been longing for.

But it still hasn’t happened yet. Or it hasn’t happened at the level you’re truly desiring.

I intimately know the pain of longing for something year after year–and not getting it.

Being Valentine’s Day today, I’ll share with you that this is exactly what I went through for years before I met my husband in 2006.

For literally a decade, I longed to be married and to have a child. I just KNEW I was meant to be a mom, and I KNEW I was meant to do this with a life partner.

At the beginning of each year, I would say, “THIS will be the year when I finally meet my mate.” And when I found myself saying that year after year, it became pretty embarrassing, and the thought of “What’s wrong with me?” reverberated often in my head.

It wasn’t until I got serious about finding my partner–which meant saying “NO” to many guys who weren’t marriage-oriented or who weren’t a big yes for kids and getting tons of support for my dream, including hiring a coach–that I finally met my husband!

Today we are celebrating our 13th Valentine’s Day together. 💜

If 2019 is the year for you to TRULY stop hiding, be seen, get in front of way more people with your message and attract the clients and income you’ve been longing for, then I have great news for you.

I’m proud to introduce my NEW Soulful Speaking 90-Day Program, so you can step into the spotlight with confidence and BE the highly visible, well-paid, client-attracting leader in your business!

Get all the details about my Soulful Speaking Program here.

Last month, I taught my 17th Speak Shine Sell Workshop to help business owners create their client-attracting signature talks.

I’ve now trained hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to use speaking to attract their ideal clients and exponentially grow their revenue.

But the problem I see is this: many of these entrepreneurs LOVE the workshop and have every good intention of getting out there and speaking. But they don’t do it– or they don’t speak consistently. They put the draft of the signature talk they created aside with an “I’ll get to that later.”

Soulful Speaking gives you a container of support over 90 days to create and uplevel your soulful signature talk that attracts your ideal clients and amplifies your income. You will have the time and space to practice it, refine it, get expert feedback, and GROW your confidence as a speaker.

At the end, you’ll deliver your talk to the group and receive even more expert feedback AND a professional video recording of your talk to use on your website and in your marketing. Plus, you’ll receive tons of support for finding and booking further speaking engagements!

About Rebecca Massoud

Rebecca Massoud, founder of SHINE, is an award-winning business success coach and marketing mentor for soul-inspired women entrepreneurs. She believes it's time for you to move beyond what holds you back in marketing your business and bringing your unique message to the world, so that, individually, you can create an amazing income and amazing joy in your work, and, collectively, we can create an amazing impact.
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