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I had so much fun with this amazing group of entrepreneurs and professionals last Friday for my 10th Speak, Shine, Sell Workshop. I’m proud to say it was my best workshop ever, and I feel incredibly grateful and lucky I get to do this work.

Speak Shine Sellworkshop

One of the recurring themes I hear over and over in my workshops is the desire to grow your confidence in getting your message out to YOUR right tribe–the people who adore you and eagerly want what you have to offer.

How do you grow confidence in your message and gifts?

Here are a few tips this month to help you:

1) Own Your Story

Your story is an essential “magic key” of your brand and ability to attract new clients.

It’s the thing that sets you apart from others in your field because it’s YOUR story, and not a single other person on this planet has your unique set of experiences, challenges or perspective.

Your story is essentially the narrative of your hero’s journey, revealing a low point in your life or a challenge you faced, your turnaround moment, what you discovered to resolve the crisis, and, as a result, how your life is different today.

It gets to the heart of your “why”–why you are inspired to do what you do.

For two decades, I hid behind the success of others and held back my gifts because I lacked the confidence to stand in my full power. But when I finally mustered the courage to say “YES” to creating the business of my dreams–without knowing how I was going to do it–and I got into action and reached out for support, I was able to create a thriving coaching business and embrace this humbling journey of being an entrepreneur. This is my why.

So, own your story. Embrace all of it. Love every bit of your journey. Let your “why” inspire you. And you will definitely feel more confident when you do that.

2) Share Your Story

Once you own your story, then you must share it.

Share it wisely and appropriately with your tribe–on your website and social media and in your emails and talks, as well as 1-1 with clients and potential clients.

By sharing your story, you become relatable. You become memorable. And you create a meaningful connection with your audience.

What’s true is there’s only one of you. And there’s only one story like yours. So, never again do you have to wonder, what’s so special about me?

And by knowing, owning and sharing your story with the resonant audience you’re meant to serve, you literally eliminate ALL competition!

Sharing your story also gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert–an expert who has been where your ideal clients are now, and knows the pitfalls and roadblocks. An expert who has traveled the path they’re currently on and can literally light the way and take them to the results they are wanting in their own lives.

This gives potential clients a lot of confidence in your offering and creates that know-love-trust factor. Which then grows YOUR confidence even more!

3) Come from Service

Instead of thinking about “selling” your services, think of sharing about what you do and how you help people from a place of service. This is the new definition of sales and will give you a lot of confidence when you practice it.

Sales is still THE #1 skill to master as a business owner.

However, it’s not the old traditional model of trying to cajole or push your wares on someone that doesn’t really need what you offer. Yuck. No one wants to be “sold” to.

It’s a new paradigm of selling with soul–sharing about what you do with ease and confidence, sharing how you’ve helped previous clients, sharing about transformational results and outcomes you help create, sharing how you can help someone go from where they are to where they really want to be.

Sharing and then helping them come to a clear and aligned decision about their next step–whether that’s signing up to work with you further or another action. It’s also about releasing the outcome–not being attached to whether a prospective client says “yes” or “no” to working with you.

Growing confidence in your message and gifts is a practice. It’s about consistently showing up over and over again sharing yourself, noticing what works and doesn’t, and then getting out there and doing it again.

Have a beautiful month, and keep confidently shining your brilliance!

You’re a star, in my eyes.

With love,

About Rebecca Massoud

Rebecca Massoud, founder of SHINE, is an award-winning business success coach and marketing mentor for soul-inspired women entrepreneurs. She believes it's time for you to move beyond what holds you back in marketing your business and bringing your unique message to the world, so that, individually, you can create an amazing income and amazing joy in your work, and, collectively, we can create an amazing impact.
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