5 Questions to Give “Edge” to Your Signature Talk

Happy Spring! Happy Persian New Year 🙂

Spring brings a new & fresh go-for-it energy into your life and business. Are you feeling it? I definitely am!

The energy that I’m tuning into is that it’s TIME to put the pedal to the metal and be fully expressed, unleashed, real, raw, vulnerable, as WE step out to share our messages and unique viewpoints.

But you may wonder, “What IS my unique message?” Or if you’re like many of my clients and workshop participants, you may ask “How DO I pick a topic for my talk?” (In fact, this very question came up last week in my Success Circle.)

Well, you definitely need to know who your ideal client is, intimately understand their #1 challenge, and use the exact words they use to describe it.

But what’s going to give your message the fire and “edge” that will have your ideal clients really take notice of you?

Because if you’re talking about your ideal clients’ #1 challenge the way everyone else is talking about it, then you don’t really stand out. Your talk can come across as “blasé” or like it’s missing a vital potency.

(Oh, boy, has that been true for me in my unfolding five-year journey of owning my own business and discovering what my true message is. In fact, I had a big “aha” last week around MY signature talk’s core message and “edge.”)

More often than not, your ideal client is someone like you. They’re struggling with something you’ve struggled with previously.

But now you’ve figured out how to get through that challenge, gained some expertise and mastery in that area, and know how to guide them in solving that problem.

So, yes, while you do want to create a talk that directly addresses your ideal clients’ #1 challenge, let’s start with YOU first.

Because when you take a stand for something you are passionate about, you stand out.

Here are 5 questions to give your talk the fire, passion and “edge” that will get your ideal clients attention in a powerfully magnetic way.

1) Is there something in the world you’re no longer willing to accept?

2) What do you see that is missing in our world or in your community?

3) Is there something you’re called to do something about?

4) Why are you passionate about what you do?

5) What do you believe that you are inviting others to believe with you?

Journal your answers to these questions this week. Then, drop me a line to let me know what you discover!

Let this vital momentum of Spring propel you into creating your signature talk and getting in front of your ideal clients–with your unique “edge” and viewpoint.

It’s TIME! Now, go for it.

With love & abundance,

P.S. I’m here to help you create YOUR client-attracting signature talk! Join me and other ambitious, soul-inspired entrepreneurs for the Speak Shine Sell Workshop.

Speak Shine Sell Workshop

How to Grow Confidence in Your Message + Gifts

I had so much fun with this amazing group of entrepreneurs and professionals last Friday for my 10th Speak, Shine, Sell Workshop. I’m proud to say it was my best workshop ever, and I feel incredibly grateful and lucky I get to do this work.

Speak Shine Sellworkshop

One of the recurring themes I hear over and over in my workshops is the desire to grow your confidence in getting your message out to YOUR right tribe–the people who adore you and eagerly want what you have to offer.

How do you grow confidence in your message and gifts?

Here are a few tips this month to help you:

1) Own Your Story

Your story is an essential “magic key” of your brand and ability to attract new clients.

It’s the thing that sets you apart from others in your field because it’s YOUR story, and not a single other person on this planet has your unique set of experiences, challenges or perspective.

Your story is essentially the narrative of your hero’s journey, revealing a low point in your life or a challenge you faced, your turnaround moment, what you discovered to resolve the crisis, and, as a result, how your life is different today.

It gets to the heart of your “why”–why you are inspired to do what you do.

For two decades, I hid behind the success of others and held back my gifts because I lacked the confidence to stand in my full power. But when I finally mustered the courage to say “YES” to creating the business of my dreams–without knowing how I was going to do it–and I got into action and reached out for support, I was able to create a thriving coaching business and embrace this humbling journey of being an entrepreneur. This is my why.

So, own your story. Embrace all of it. Love every bit of your journey. Let your “why” inspire you. And you will definitely feel more confident when you do that.

2) Share Your Story

Once you own your story, then you must share it.

Share it wisely and appropriately with your tribe–on your website and social media and in your emails and talks, as well as 1-1 with clients and potential clients.

By sharing your story, you become relatable. You become memorable. And you create a meaningful connection with your audience.

What’s true is there’s only one of you. And there’s only one story like yours. So, never again do you have to wonder, what’s so special about me?

And by knowing, owning and sharing your story with the resonant audience you’re meant to serve, you literally eliminate ALL competition!

Sharing your story also gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert–an expert who has been where your ideal clients are now, and knows the pitfalls and roadblocks. An expert who has traveled the path they’re currently on and can literally light the way and take them to the results they are wanting in their own lives.

This gives potential clients a lot of confidence in your offering and creates that know-love-trust factor. Which then grows YOUR confidence even more!

3) Come from Service

Instead of thinking about “selling” your services, think of sharing about what you do and how you help people from a place of service. This is the new definition of sales and will give you a lot of confidence when you practice it.

Sales is still THE #1 skill to master as a business owner.

However, it’s not the old traditional model of trying to cajole or push your wares on someone that doesn’t really need what you offer. Yuck. No one wants to be “sold” to.

It’s a new paradigm of selling with soul–sharing about what you do with ease and confidence, sharing how you’ve helped previous clients, sharing about transformational results and outcomes you help create, sharing how you can help someone go from where they are to where they really want to be.

Sharing and then helping them come to a clear and aligned decision about their next step–whether that’s signing up to work with you further or another action. It’s also about releasing the outcome–not being attached to whether a prospective client says “yes” or “no” to working with you.

Growing confidence in your message and gifts is a practice. It’s about consistently showing up over and over again sharing yourself, noticing what works and doesn’t, and then getting out there and doing it again.

Have a beautiful month, and keep confidently shining your brilliance!

You’re a star, in my eyes.

With love,

Fall in love with your marketing

How to Fall in Love With Your Marketing

What does LOVE have to do with marketing your business?

Everything, I believe.

Because if you’re doing marketing begrudgingly, skipping over key marketing channels, not doing enough marketing, or avoiding promoting yourself altogether, then you’re missing out on serving your clients with your gifts and growing your business to the next level!

So, with the eyes of love, let’s take a look at your marketing and see how you can fall in love with this essential building block to making a big income and an even bigger impact!

1) Start with a mindset shift: see marketing as an act of service.

You might think of marketing as being icky, hard and a necessary evil that you HAVE to do, or do very little of it so that you don’t come across as salesy or overly-promoting yourself.

The truth is: when you come from generosity–educating with tips and resources and letting your audience know how they can take it further with you–marketing is an act of service.

The key is to share freely your inspiring tips, strategies and offer–without attachment to someone saying “yes” or buying from you.

Say to yourself the next time you go to call your next prospective client, write a blog article, promote your next event on social media, or create a video: This is an act of service. I’m passionately committed to what I offer, and I’m not attached to whether they say “yes” or “no.”

2) Simplify your marketing.

So many entrepreneurs I talk to are overwhelmed with ALL the ways you can market your business.

We hear the expert calls: LinkedIn! Facebook Ads! Speaking! Webinars! SEO! Referral-based marketing! Networking! Joint Ventures!

The truth is there’s no RIGHT way to market your business.

All of these strategies work in various degrees, depending on your personality, your target market, your business type, and what stage of growth you’re in.

So to not fall into the overwhelm-trap, discover what are the 1-3 ways you LOVE to market your business.

What feels light and natural to you? Is it speaking and networking? Is it social media and online marketing? Or some other combination?

Then, FOCUS on mastering these 1-3 areas FIRST before you move on to the next strategy.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to get support for the marketing strategies you want to master. Don’t go into avoidance just because you don’t know HOW to do something.

For example, I recently realized I had been avoiding important aspects of social media as a way to grow my business. I had the perfect excuse of “not having enough time.” Now, I’ve made a decision to get support in this area. What a relief that I don’t have to know HOW or figure it all out on my own!

3) Start a Daily Marketing Love practice.

Most entrepreneurs I meet don’t do nearly enough marketing in their business.

If you tend to full into that category or want to up your game, I recommend a Daily Marketing Love practice.

Start with scheduling at least 30 minutes in your calendar everyday for taking inspired marketing action. Go ahead and block this time out in your calendar right now.

Then, set a timer for 30 minutes to keep you on track and distraction-free. If your mind or your fingers start to do other things (like how many times do you lose track of time on social media? I’m totally busted on that one!), remind yourself to come back and focus on your marketing.

Use this time to connect. Make calls to prospective/former/current clients, follow up with emails, and reach out to group leaders to inquire about speaking opportunities. Or connect with your online audience, whether that’s creating your new online course or webinar.

Happy marketing… with love!


P.S. If you’re looking for marketing support (plus, judgment-free kick-in-the-pants) to grow your income and impact this year, I’d love to talk to you. Just click here, and we can set up a no-pressure chat to see if we’re a fit to work together.

Where to Find Speaking Gigs

Where to Find Speaking Gigs to Grow Your List and Attract Your Dream Clients

More and more heart-centered entrepreneurs like you are using speaking as a way to grow your list and attract new clients. Which is great!

The problem is… where to find those places to speak?

Before sharing a few ideas to get you started, let’s start with your mindset.

You may be thinking there aren’t very many opportunities in your local area to speak or that it’s too hard to find those places.

Maybe you’ve put a few “feelers” out already, but haven’t gotten the response you expected, so you’re feeling disappointed and frustrated and have stopped putting energy in that direction.

Or maybe you’re just not feeling “ready” to speak: your signature talk isn’t put together; you don’t have clarity on your ideal audience; or you don’t have a proven strategy on how speaking can help you bring in new clients.

(If you need help with these things, check out my SPEAK, SHINE, SELL 1-Day Workshop here.)

Whatever may be holding you back from booking yourself to speak, let’s start by simply getting you in the highest vibration to attract those perfect speaking opportunities!

Here are a few affirmations to support those high vibes:

  • There are infinite possibilities and places for me to speak.
  • I easily attract the perfect speaking opportunities.
  • I’m prepared and take action toward the wonderful speaking opportunities that are abundantly here for me.
  • My ideal audience can’t wait to hear what I have to say!

Pick the affirmation that works best for you (or create your own), post it on a stickie in a visible place like your desk or bathroom mirror, repeat everyday for the next 21 days, and get into action with booking yourself to speak!

Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

1) Start with your inner circle, and ask for support.

Share with your closest friends, colleagues, business associates and family members that you are looking for places to speak. Be sure and let them know the specific audiences you want to reach as well as the topic you speak on.  Then, simply ask them, “Who do you know… “

2) Be intentional and detective-like in your networking.

When you meet a new colleague in your field or a complementary field at a networking event, inquire if they speak as a way to grow their business and then ask where they have spoken recently. Be genuinely interested in their experience and also share you are looking for places to speak. You can also share at a networking roundtable you are looking for places to speak (be sure and specify your audience) and ask for referrals.

3) Create your own event.

Speak in your friend’s living room or invite a group of friends and colleagues to your own home, as a way to get started. You can also book a room at your local library, community center or clubhouse.

Make your event fun and enticing, or give it a theme. I recently attended a free presentation put on by one of my SPEAK, SHINE, SELL workshop participants, and she called it a “Fashion Mimosa Night” and gave a talk on how you can dress to manifest success in your life.

Tip: Make your event FREE, and you will remove all barriers to entry and draw more people in the door. You can also get free advertising in your local paper when you position it as a free community event.

4) Go where your ideal clients hang out.

Brainstorm and create a list of groups, organizations your ideal clients are already part of as well as businesses and places they hang out.

For example, if you work primarily with spiritual and ambitious women entrepreneurs such as I do, you’ll want to list out places where these types of women gather. Do an online search for “women’s networking” or whatever your niche is. Check out local Meetups, civic organizations and entrepreneurial groups. Play the “who do I know” game and get creative here. In addition to speaking in more traditional business settings, I’ve spoken at a chiropractor’s office, a women’s workout studio, and even once at a socially-conscious hair salon!

5) Warm up your speaking “chops” by speaking weekly.

If you’re new at speaking or want to have regular speaking practice, then I highly recommend joining Toastmasters and/or a weekly networking group such as BNI or Team Referral.

In addition, service organizations such as Rotary Club, Kiwanis and the Optimist Club are always looking for speakers, so those are great audience members to help warm up your speaking “chops”!

I hold the belief there are infinite speaking possibilities waiting for you. Stay alert to the opportunities. Be willing and ready to take action, then move your feet, as you say YES to speaking as a way to grow your business!

Learn more about the SPEAK, SHINE, SELL 1-Day Workshop here.


Why Sharing Your Hero's Story is Crucial to Client Attraction

Why Your Story is the “Magic Key” to Client Attraction

Your personal story is an essential “magic key” of your brand and ability to attract new clients.

It’s the thing that sets you apart from others in your field because it’s YOUR story, and not a single other person on this planet has your unique set of experiences, challenges or perspective.

Your story is essentially the narrative of your hero’s journey, revealing some of the hardships you’ve experienced, the ultimate challenge you faced, your turnaround moment, the steps or process you discovered to resolve the crisis, and, as a result, how your life is different today.

It gets to the heart of your “why”–why you are inspired to do what you do.

Here are 5 reasons why sharing your story is a “magic key” to attracting your ideal clients with ease:

1) Sharing Your Story Eliminates All Competition.

What’s true is there’s only one of you. And there’s only one story like yours.

When you share your hero’s journey, your personal why and your stand in the world, this becomes an essential part of your unique brand. Your particular perspective and set of experiences is unlike no other.

And by knowing and owning your story–and sharing it with the resonant audience you’re meant to serve–you literally eliminate ALL competition!

2) Sharing Your Story Makes You Relatable.

When your audience hears that you’ve struggled with things that they’re struggling with now, you become relatable.

You seem like a real person to them who has had her share of life challenges. And your clients will often think, “Well, if she’s struggled with this, figured out a solution, and is now enjoying the success I want, maybe I can have that, too!”

3) Sharing Your Story Creates an Emotional Connection with Your Audience.

People buy primarily from their emotions.

When you authentically share your story with prospective clients—via presentations, workshops, a free consultation, social media, your website—you tap into the emotional center of their brain, called the amygdala.

This is where true connection with your ideal client resides, and creating that bond with them is the real key to inspiration, influence–and sales!

I remember when I was interviewing virtual assistants for my business last year I spoke with one who seemed like she had all the right technical and administrative skills I was looking for. But when I asked her to share something about her personal life, she immediately clammed up. I knew right then that I couldn’t work with her, as I value having an emotional connection with the people I surround myself with.

4) Sharing Your Story Positions You as an Expert.

Sharing your story gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert–an expert who has been where your ideal clients are now, and knows the pitfalls and roadblocks. An expert who has traveled the path they’re currently on and can literally light the way and take them to the results they are wanting in their own lives.

This gives potential clients a lot of confidence in your offering and creates that know-love-trust factor.

5) Sharing Your Story Gets Clients Excited to Work With You!

Not only are you more relatable to your audience when you talk about a challenge you’ve faced and the steps you took to overcome the obstacles in your way, you also plant the seed of possibility for your ideal clients.

Telling your audience about some of the wonderful successes you’re now enjoying in your life shows them what’s possible in their own lives. That gets them excited to work with you—because they want those same results!

So, in brief: share your personal story at every opportunity! When done well and in front of your right and resonant audience, it literally magnetizes your ideal clients to you.

Be sure and include a 3-5 minute version in each of your presentations, webinars, classes, workshops, and free consultations. Include a version of it in your newsletters and email campaigns, social media posts—and, of course, the “About Me” page on your website. Here’s an example from my own About Me page.

Powerfully Prepare for Your Next Presentation

3 Tips to Powerfully Prepare for Your Next Presentation

Speaking is one of the best ways I know for you to get your message of inspiration, hope and game-changing strategies out to your audience, while growing your list and attracting new clients.

Here are 3 tips to help you powerfully prepare for your next presentation:

Tip #1: Pare down your talk.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of putting too much content into their talks.

In our enthusiasm to share all that we’ve learned and discovered, there’s a tendency to over-deliver, which can often end up leaving our audience members over-FULL. (Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience!)

Deliver your 3-5 main points with brief stories, anecdotes and client examples to illustrate your point and a quick tip to give them something of value–and then STOP.

Think of your talk as an appetizer, and you are there to whet their appetite of what’s possible.

You want your audience members to walk away with a taste of your gifts and brilliance and leave with a hunger for MORE from you–which, hopefully, you have made it really clear to them at least one specific way they can take it further with you.

Tip #2: Practice, practice, practice.

Obvious, yes? And yet, most people don’t practice enough for their presentations. Again, I’m speaking from personal experience. 🙂

One speaking expert says for every 1 minute of your presentation, you should ideally practice for 1 hour. So if your talk is 30 minutes, that’s 30 hours of practice!

Now you may be thinking, “Where am I going to find an extra 30 HOURS of time to practice?!”

However, if you create ONE signature talk (which I highly recommend) and deliver it over and over again to new audiences, then you’ll soon enough get your 30 hours in.

And it’s totally OK to deliver your first few talks to “practice” audiences, whether it’s to a group of family and friends or a “safe” professional audience.

If you’re short on time when preparing for a presentation, the 3 key parts to practice to avoid sounding nervous are your opening, your offer, and your closing.

Also, it’s totally fine to use notes or an outline during your presentation!

Tip #3: Pump yourself up.

Feeling nervous about getting up in front of a group to speak?

Who doesn’t?!

Most of us feel that nervous, excited–even terrified–energy before speaking. Even thinking about speaking can bring up those feelings.

Here’s my favorite tip to channel your nervous/excited energy into CONFIDENCE right before you deliver your talk.

Take time to go to a private space (a bathroom stall is great) to pump yourself up. You want to get your energy moving, so that you bring your full-on enthusiasm to your presentation.

Jump up and down, put your body in the powerful “X” posture and give yourself empowering self-talk such as: “I’m awesome and amazing! They can’t wait to hear what I have to say! I can’t wait to get out there and share my message!”

You may feel ridiculous doing this the first time. But, seriously, it works.

And if your talk isn’t yet fully polished, by pumping yourself up before delivering it, your audience will FEEL your passion, be inspired, as well as benefit from your valuable tips.

Put the polish and passion together, and watch out–that’s where the big magic happens!

How to Get Started with Speaking to Grow Your Email List and Attract Wonderful New Clients for You

How to Get Started with Speaking to Grow Your Email List and Attract Wonderful New Clients for You

So you’ve heard speaking is a great way to build your business and attract new clients. But how do you even get started?

I know from personal experience how daunting it can be to hear “just get out there and speak” when you’re not even clear where to begin. So in this article I share with you my best tips for taking those critical first steps.

First of all, why even speak?

Simple answer: Because you’re seen as an EXPERT when you speak, and it’s the easiest way to demonstrate the value you can add to someone’s life.

(I remember the first time I was a roundtable presenter at a women’s conference and how I walked away from that event feeling like an expert. It was the perfect confidence-builder in those early days of getting started.)

So here are some simple steps for you:

1) Choose your hot topic.

The first step to launch yourself into speaking is to come up with a “hot topic” that gets the attention of your ideal clients. Ideally, it’s a problem that your clients regularly struggle with and that your services help them solve.

Brainstorm possible topics by asking yourself these questions:

– What is it my clients don’t know how to do?
– Where do my clients get stuck?
– What disempowers them?
– Which specific situations cause them the biggest problem?

2) Create a clear, captivating title for your talk.

Don’t try and be clever or cutesy with your title. You want to use clear language with lots of BENEFIT words and phrases.

For example, if you’re a relationship coach or therapist, your title might be “How to Put the Romance Back in Your Marriage.”

Or if you’re a health & wellness expert targeting women over 50, a possible talk title could be “5 Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally So You Can Sleep Soundly Each Night.”

Here are a few easy formulas you can use to create your captivating title:

“How to ______________ so you can ________________”
“How to ______________ in # Simple Steps”
“# Secrets/Keys/Steps/Strategies to_________________”

3) Make a list of ALL the possible places you could speak.

The key when you’re just getting started is to draw upon audience members that are already in existence, so you don’t have to do all the work to rent a space and promote the event.

Start by brainstorming and create a list of groups, organizations and businesses that your ideal clients are already part of.

For example, if you work primarily with women entrepreneurs such as I do, you’ll want to list out places where these types of women gather. Do an online search for “women’s networking.” Check out local Meetups, civic organizations and entrepreneurial groups.

Play the “who do I know” game and get creative here! In addition to speaking in more traditional settings, I’ve spoken at a chiropractor’s office, a women’s workout studio, and even a hair salon once!

Bonus Tip: Let your friends and colleagues know you are looking for places to speak, and ask for referrals.

4) Smile and dial!

Now that you have your list, prioritize the top 5 places where you’d like to speak and start calling them. Do a little research on the group before you call, so you’re prepared with how your talk would fit in with the group’s goals and mission.

Much of the time you’ll be leaving a voicemail, so leave a brief, friendly message and then a critical step is to follow up with an email.

Here’s a simple script you can use when you get someone live (you can modify it when leaving a message):

Hi, this is [Your Name]. I’m a [your title], and I’d love to chat with you about the possibility of speaking for your [group, organization]. I offer a phenomenal presentation on [your hot topic] where I help participants [briefly state 2-3 benefits of your talk]. How does that sound?

The most important step here is to make the call!

Invaluable Bonus Tip: Get regular speaking practice by joining Toastmasters or a weekly networking group such as BNI or Team Referral.

Add your comments or questions below about how to use speaking to grow your business. And send me an email to let me know how it goes for you.

Enjoy speaking your way to getting wonderful new clients now!

These 3 daily actions can make or break your business (and your dreams)

These 3 daily actions can make or break your biz (and your dreams)

There’s a saying I love by W. Clement Stone: “Big doors swing on little hinges.”

When you apply this to your business, it’s the little, yet consistent actions and habits that swing open wide the doors of income and opportunity for you.

In Sanskrit, the word for “habit” is called samskara. (Thanks to my yoga teacher who shared this with me the other day.) When we cultivate a new positive habit or samskara, our lives truly do transform before our eyes.

So here are the 3 daily actions in the areas of money, marketing and mindset to grow your business, your bank account, and your impact on your clients and community.

These are my personal practices, so I wouldn’t highly recommend them if I haven’t already given them a test run and KNOW they work.

Focus on these three areas each and every workday, and I guarantee you will skyrocket your success:

1) Money: Track your numbers every single day to the penny.

Tracking the inflow and outflow of your money is an amazing practice that keeps you mindful of your money—and empowered to take the necessary action steps to increase what’s coming in and be conscious of what’s going out.

For many women, it can become all too easy to ignore our finances, or to go to the other extreme and be obsessive-compulsive about our numbers.

Action: Set a recurring appointment time on your calendar each day when you write down or use a spreadsheet to track everything that has come in that day and everything that has gone out. (I do my tracking everyday at 2:30pm.)

This time is also the perfect opportunity to express appreciation—another powerful daily practice—for the inflow and outflow of money, and the value and meaning that expression has for you!

Bonus Tip: Set a weekly money date for bill paying, and schedule it as a recurring appointment on your calendar. I have my weekly “money date” on Friday mornings.

2) Marketing: Spend a minimum of 30 minutes each and every day making outreach calls to potential clients.

This one simple action has made a HUGE difference in the growth of my business. Use this 30-minute block of time to make calls, send emails and follow up with former, current and prospective clients for setting appointments and booking NEW business, or taking steps toward your big dreams.

Bonus Tip: Use a timer or hourglass to keep you focused on the project at hand and minimize distractions that are rife for many entrepreneurs who work from home. Set a timer for 30 or 60 minutes when you’re doing some critical (yet easy-to-avoid) business-building activity such as outreach phone calls, updating your website or writing a blog post.

3) Mindset: Set aside time daily (30 minutes at minimum, 1 hour is best) for spiritual nourishment and renewal.

This is perhaps the most important action of them all, as it promotes a calm mind and a feeling of being centered and grounded throughout your day–something you definitely want to feel when you’re marketing your business or tracking your money!

This time can include a combination of personal introspection, quiet time, yoga, meditation, journaling, a contemplative walk in nature, gardening, mindful movement, reading or listening to inspirational material, or other activities that strengthen your inner wellbeing and help you feel peaceful.

I’m a morning person so I like to get up before my family does to have a dedicated hour-plus time for meditation, visioning, journaling and reading from a book that contributes to my spiritual and personal growth. I also read my 3-Year Life Vision Plan each morning while making coffee and doing standing stretches in the kitchen.

Bonus Tip: Choose the 1-3 nourishing activities that truly feed YOU (not the ones that others are doing or the ones you think you SHOULD do) and then stick with it. Again, the key is consistency. Put it in your calendar and just do it. No excuses. 🙂

Be patient with yourself as you’re installing these new healthy habits or samskaras into your life. Don’t give up—and, eventually, they will become part of your normal routine.

Plus, you’ll feel great knowing that you are not only doing something that takes care of yourself, but also benefits your family, your friends, your clients, your community, and your bank account!

Leave a comment below and let me know how these tips have helped you!