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You Are Important to Me

My family and I are in the SF Bay Area this Thanksgiving week celebrating the holiday with our wonderful extended family and dear friends. The rain has come, giving fire-ravaged Northern California some much-needed relief. TYG!

So much to be grateful for. So much to be grateful in.

From my heart to yours, I want to express how grateful I am to have YOU in my life and in my community.

Thank you for your courage to pursue your passions and dreams. Thank you for shining your light in your own one-and-only way. Thank you for your willingness to share your gifts; to be seen and visible; to show up in all of the ups & downs of your life and business; and to keep on forging ahead, despite setbacks, letdowns, meltdowns and breakdowns.

You are important to me.

The other day I went through a wave of feeling terribly alone in my business. (Oh, the life of an entrepreneur!) During my morning meditation and centering practice, I got the distinct message that I need only to call upon my soul tribe for unconditional love and support and open myself to RECEIVE this abundant seen and unseen backing. Group energy is powerful and can lift us when we most need it.

So this is my message to you today: As a leader of your own tribe, you are not alone. Anytime you can call upon the souls here who love you and are here for you unconditionally. They may be your Facebook friends, Instagram followers, in your networking groups or on your mailing list. Or not. Or not yet.

Use this holiday time to send out invisible beams of light to them and energetically let them know you are willing to become even more visible to them; and in particular, you are willing to RECEIVE their support as a leader.

And then, of course, keep doing the outer work to connect with them–through speaking, emails, social media, videos. Keep stepping out, despite the self-doubt and worry, to make your message known and visible.

And keep willing to shine, like Venus in the early morning sky. We need YOU. Your voice, your story, your unique brand, your perspective and your energy are important and matter tremendously.

Wishing you an abundantly blessed holiday time!

Speak Shine Sell

Here’s how I respond to “What will people think?”

Last week I had a powerful conversation with my coach where the fear of “what will people think?” came up big time for me.

Because even though I’m considered to be a fairly visible entrepreneur who teaches workshops, speaks and emcees events monthly, I’m on my edge of knowing I’m here to expand, reach way more people, and be seen even MORE.

And I imagine YOU are dancing around your edge of desiring to be seen and visible; to share your message in a much more powerful, potent, and expansive way; to exponentially grow your income and impact; and to attract more amazing people that you love to work with to your tribe.


So, here are the insights I received that address the common fear of “what will people think?”:

1) It doesn’t really matter what people will think. And it DOES matter.

Because I’m a sensitive soul and I can’t deny that it hurts when I feel ignored or put down. So I’m learning to hold BOTH and get support when I need it.

2) The more I put myself “out there” in a bold, NO pussyfooting, watered-down way, the more people I can help. The RIGHT people.

And it’s totally OK and even makes my life easier and more fun when I REPEL the ones I’m not here to serve!

3) The “what will people think?” voice isn’t the REAL ME. It IS a common voice that is part of my shared humanity with others, but it isn’t the Truth, with a capital “T,” and it has no place in the Divine Me.


4) And, finally, this insight really cinched it: I’m here to get my message out and reach way more people there through speaking, videos, livestreams, etc. because I’M IMPORTANT.

I do it for me.

And this relationship I have with myself is truly the most important one of all!

Where are you wanting to step up and be seen more? With speaking? Workshops? Creating videos? Doing Facebook Lives?

And what’s holding you back?

Underlying the voice of “What will people think?” is a core fear that you will lose love, acceptance or be rejected by others.

And one of the best ways to move beyond your fear is to get into action and receive the abundance of support around you.

With my 30-year background in marketing (yes, I started when I was 5! ), I’m here to help you clarify and communicate your message so that you captivate your audience and scale your income and impact.

Wouldn’t you agree we need more light-filled transformational messages that inspire hope, positivity, enthusiasm, joy and freedom?

I know this is what YOUR message is about. And we need to hear it.

Don’t let the fear of “what others will think” stop you from shining, sharing your transformational insights and expertise, skyrocketing your income, and serving way more amazing people.

Do it for you. Because you’re important. You matter. Your light is needed just as much as anyone else’s.

3 Things to Master as a Soulpreneur (Plus Lava Cave Photos!)

Last month I had the exquisite pleasure to be on the Big Island (far away from the erupting volcano!) for an “Art of Feminine Presence” Retreat with my wonderful mentor, 30 graceful Japanese women, and my dear friend/client/personal-trainer-health-coach-extraordinaire Ana Nieto.

Check out our lava cave photos! We were told when you stand in a certain spot with the natural sunlight beaming on you, you can see your aura. What do you think?

The retreat was a deep dive into practicing presence, receptivity and tuning into higher wisdom–easy to do when in paradise. 🙂

Now I’m in the daily practice of being in this flow state with my work and relationships–whether I’m coaching my clients, teaching a workshop, speaking in front of a group, making outreach calls, or spending precious time with my husband, son and other loved ones.

NOT always that easy in the real world! 😉

One of my biggest takeaways from the retreat is that the more I focus on the inner work in growing my business and relationships, the more the outer work becomes effortless, smooth and successful.

And when you put the inner and outer together, BOOM! That’s where the magic happens.

So here’s my simple tip for you today. To become a client magnet and create abundant success in your business, focus on mastering these 3 things:

1) SPEAKING – This is about mastering your ability to share a compelling message–whether that’s on video, Zoom, FB Live, a stage; at a networking event; or in a 1-1 conversation–that connects with your ideal audience and inspires an immediate response from them.

2) SHINING – This is about mastering your ability to embrace the totality of YOU–the fearful, doubting, wobbly parts as well as the irresistible leader in you who lights up a stage, video or when you’re connecting 1-1 with a client (and everything in between). Your shine is about your presence, your state of being, and ability to be in your flow–the most potent place to be when speaking, leading or doing anything for that matter.

3) SELLING – Before you roll your eyes or get all locked up inside, know that I’m not talking about “selling” in the traditional sense. This is about serving your audience by making offers and letting them know exactly how they can take the next step with you. It’s about mastering your ability to put in place a proven strategy that turns on the money flow in your business!

It’s truly my honor and joy to help my clients with these 3 things–speaking, shining and selling.

Simply contact me, and we can set up a 30-minute complimentary session to get to know each other and explore these options. It’s that easy!

Wishing you a radiant summer, and keep allowing more of your gorgeous light to shine!

Rebecca Massoud

What I’ve Been Resisting in My Biz… and You?

Not too long ago I was at a women’s leadership luncheon, and the table topic was, “What are you resisting in your business?”

Hmmm…. As the other women shared about their resistance to having a social media strategy, being on LinkedIn, or picking up the phone to talk with prospective clients, I sat with this question.

What I realized is this: I’ve been most resistant to the pace of growth in my business. It’s just not happening fast enough!

What I also notice with this thought is that I put a TON of pressure on myself—

—to get more things done each day, attract more clients, reach my money goal, create the online course, write the book, have a rockin’ social media strategy, do videos, speak at least twice a month, and on and on.

It’s exhausting just thinking about it, much less trying to do it all!

Is this something you can relate to, too?

I then had this thought, “What if I’m EXACTLY where I need to be and there’s nothing wrong or missing? What if I can trust exactly where I am?”

Wow. That takes the pressure off!

So, I learned from this experience that my practice is to be present, show up for what’s in front of me, move forward in a way that feels joyful and enlivening to my spirit, and that THAT is enough.

Not that I don’t continue to make plans, evolve my brand, uplevel my marketing, signature talk and online presence, and get out there and speak more.

But it’s doing that from the “being” place of I’m right where I need to be. There’s nothing wrong. I’m right on track. All is well.

So that’s my message for you today… If you’re feeling the pressure of not doing enough, not being where you want to be in your business, and worried that someone else is going to “beat you to it,” then—

—pause, take a breath, and say to yourself  “I’m right where I need to be. There’s nothing wrong. I’m right on track. All is well.

Wishing you a beautiful day, and keep shining your gorgeous light!


P.S. If getting in front of WAY more ideal clients through speaking has been on your “to-do” list for awhile, let me make it easy for you!

Take the pressure off and join us for my Speak Shine Sell Workshop to create your client-attracting signature talk.

5 Questions to Give “Edge” to Your Signature Talk

Happy Spring! Happy Persian New Year 🙂

Spring brings a new & fresh go-for-it energy into your life and business. Are you feeling it? I definitely am!

The energy that I’m tuning into is that it’s TIME to put the pedal to the metal and be fully expressed, unleashed, real, raw, vulnerable, as WE step out to share our messages and unique viewpoints.

But you may wonder, “What IS my unique message?” Or if you’re like many of my clients and workshop participants, you may ask “How DO I pick a topic for my talk?” (In fact, this very question came up last week in my Success Circle.)

Well, you definitely need to know who your ideal client is, intimately understand their #1 challenge, and use the exact words they use to describe it.

But what’s going to give your message the fire and “edge” that will have your ideal clients really take notice of you?

Because if you’re talking about your ideal clients’ #1 challenge the way everyone else is talking about it, then you don’t really stand out. Your talk can come across as “blasé” or like it’s missing a vital potency.

(Oh, boy, has that been true for me in my unfolding five-year journey of owning my own business and discovering what my true message is. In fact, I had a big “aha” last week around MY signature talk’s core message and “edge.”)

More often than not, your ideal client is someone like you. They’re struggling with something you’ve struggled with previously.

But now you’ve figured out how to get through that challenge, gained some expertise and mastery in that area, and know how to guide them in solving that problem.

So, yes, while you do want to create a talk that directly addresses your ideal clients’ #1 challenge, let’s start with YOU first.

Because when you take a stand for something you are passionate about, you stand out.

Here are 5 questions to give your talk the fire, passion and “edge” that will get your ideal clients attention in a powerfully magnetic way.

1) Is there something in the world you’re no longer willing to accept?

2) What do you see that is missing in our world or in your community?

3) Is there something you’re called to do something about?

4) Why are you passionate about what you do?

5) What do you believe that you are inviting others to believe with you?

Journal your answers to these questions this week. Then, drop me a line to let me know what you discover!

Let this vital momentum of Spring propel you into creating your signature talk and getting in front of your ideal clients–with your unique “edge” and viewpoint.

It’s TIME! Now, go for it.

With love & abundance,

P.S. I’m here to help you create YOUR client-attracting signature talk! Join me and other ambitious, soul-inspired entrepreneurs for the Speak Shine Sell Workshop.

Speak Shine Sell Workshop

How to Grow Confidence in Your Message + Gifts

I had so much fun with this amazing group of entrepreneurs and professionals last Friday for my 10th Speak, Shine, Sell Workshop. I’m proud to say it was my best workshop ever, and I feel incredibly grateful and lucky I get to do this work.

Speak Shine Sellworkshop

One of the recurring themes I hear over and over in my workshops is the desire to grow your confidence in getting your message out to YOUR right tribe–the people who adore you and eagerly want what you have to offer.

How do you grow confidence in your message and gifts?

Here are a few tips this month to help you:

1) Own Your Story

Your story is an essential “magic key” of your brand and ability to attract new clients.

It’s the thing that sets you apart from others in your field because it’s YOUR story, and not a single other person on this planet has your unique set of experiences, challenges or perspective.

Your story is essentially the narrative of your hero’s journey, revealing a low point in your life or a challenge you faced, your turnaround moment, what you discovered to resolve the crisis, and, as a result, how your life is different today.

It gets to the heart of your “why”–why you are inspired to do what you do.

For two decades, I hid behind the success of others and held back my gifts because I lacked the confidence to stand in my full power. But when I finally mustered the courage to say “YES” to creating the business of my dreams–without knowing how I was going to do it–and I got into action and reached out for support, I was able to create a thriving coaching business and embrace this humbling journey of being an entrepreneur. This is my why.

So, own your story. Embrace all of it. Love every bit of your journey. Let your “why” inspire you. And you will definitely feel more confident when you do that.

2) Share Your Story

Once you own your story, then you must share it.

Share it wisely and appropriately with your tribe–on your website and social media and in your emails and talks, as well as 1-1 with clients and potential clients.

By sharing your story, you become relatable. You become memorable. And you create a meaningful connection with your audience.

What’s true is there’s only one of you. And there’s only one story like yours. So, never again do you have to wonder, what’s so special about me?

And by knowing, owning and sharing your story with the resonant audience you’re meant to serve, you literally eliminate ALL competition!

Sharing your story also gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert–an expert who has been where your ideal clients are now, and knows the pitfalls and roadblocks. An expert who has traveled the path they’re currently on and can literally light the way and take them to the results they are wanting in their own lives.

This gives potential clients a lot of confidence in your offering and creates that know-love-trust factor. Which then grows YOUR confidence even more!

3) Come from Service

Instead of thinking about “selling” your services, think of sharing about what you do and how you help people from a place of service. This is the new definition of sales and will give you a lot of confidence when you practice it.

Sales is still THE #1 skill to master as a business owner.

However, it’s not the old traditional model of trying to cajole or push your wares on someone that doesn’t really need what you offer. Yuck. No one wants to be “sold” to.

It’s a new paradigm of selling with soul–sharing about what you do with ease and confidence, sharing how you’ve helped previous clients, sharing about transformational results and outcomes you help create, sharing how you can help someone go from where they are to where they really want to be.

Sharing and then helping them come to a clear and aligned decision about their next step–whether that’s signing up to work with you further or another action. It’s also about releasing the outcome–not being attached to whether a prospective client says “yes” or “no” to working with you.

Growing confidence in your message and gifts is a practice. It’s about consistently showing up over and over again sharing yourself, noticing what works and doesn’t, and then getting out there and doing it again.

Have a beautiful month, and keep confidently shining your brilliance!

You’re a star, in my eyes.

With love,

Are These Common Pitfalls Blocking Your Money Flow?

Boogie boarding has become one of my favorite new habits. As I was out on the ocean last week riding the waves with dear friends, we all shared how amazing our lives are and how much appreciation we feel for being able to do this during a work week.

At the same time that I feel so much joy and gratitude for my own life, I can also feel heartbroken when I tune into the enormous suffering and hardships people are enduring right now in every corner of the world.

It’s an interesting paradox to hold and be with it ALL, and it reminds me to continue doing everything I can to be more compassionate, for myself and others.

With the new energy of Autumn, let’s hit “refresh” and talk about 4 common pitfalls that may be blocking your money flow.

Common Pitfall #1 – No clear vision about what you want to create in your life, or you’re fuzzy on the details.

In the 1910 classic The Science of Getting Rich, the author says, “You must know what you want, and be definite. You can never get rich, or start the creative power into action, by sending out unformed longings and vague desires.”

When I worked with a fabulous energy coach last month to clarify my vision and create a new vision board for my office, I had one of my highest grossing months ever.

Action: So where do you need to clarify and energize your vision? As a first step, look at these 4 main areas and pick one to renew or vitalize for the new season:

•Time/Money Freedom


•Health & Wellbeing


Power Tip: In addition to getting clear on what you want, get clear on WHY you want it. Putting the power of PURPOSE in your vision amplifies it even more.


Common Pitfall #2Engaging in one or all of the 3 deadly C’s—complaining, criticizing or comparing.

 Each time you complain, criticize or compare yourself to another, you move further away from the revenue, new clients, or new opportunities you desire.


I’m definitely guilty here. So my practice is to mindfully watch my words and thoughts and be compassionate when I get off track.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Stand guard at the portal of your mind.”

The best way I know to stay consciously aware of my thoughts and feelings is to first of all, notice them; then breathe and be with them; then shift them through physical movement, affirmations and gratitude.

From The Science of Getting Rich, “Gratitude will lead your mind out along the ways by which things come; and it will keep you in in close harmony with creative thought and prevent you from falling into competitive thought.”

Action: What’s 1 specific way you can amp up your gratitude and appreciation practice? Gratitude keeps you on the vibration of all the good you seek.

Common Pitfall #3Not taking inspired action toward what you desire to create in your business and life.

You may find that you’re taking action, but not gaining traction—which can feel like you’re spinning your wheels or look like you’re not getting the results you want in your bank account or business bottom line.

I believe one of the biggest underutilized resources in our businesses is our intuition. We’ve been trained to follow what authority figures or the experts say to do, and we often ignore or second-guess our own inner wisdom.

This can often show up for you when you say to yourself, “I should do such and such.” That’s usually your ego talking or someone else’s advice you’re trying to follow—and not the voice of your higher self.

But when you take action from an inspired place and follow those intuitive leads down to the smallest detail, you literally put yourself in the position to RECEIVE that which you have asked for.

That’s the magic of inspired action.

Action: What’s one inspired action you can take this week to increase your money flow and amplify your vision?

Common Pitfall #4Tolerating energy drains in your environment.

An energy drain is anything that is incomplete or piling up, or that you are tolerating.

For example, I’ve been tolerating a rusty gate that is literally starting to fall off the hinges in front of our house. It was my 8-year-old who woke me up when he asked me recently, “Why are you being lazy about getting a new gate?”

After getting over the shock of him calling me “lazy,” (!) I decided then and there to no longer tolerate a broken, rusty gate. So I’m happy to say that I’m in action now getting estimates for replacing it.

Action: Choose from the list below to handle at least one energy drain in your environment this weekend.

•Money clutter—disorganized or worn out wallet, unpaid bills, cancelling a service you no longer use, requesting money from someone who owes you

•Paperwork or mail clutter

•An important home repair

•Servicing your car

•A doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off

•A “junk” drawer, room, closet or garage that needs cleaning out

Which one of these common pitfalls do you sense may be blocking or affecting your money flow?

Use the energy of the new season to uplevel one or more of these money-flow checkpoints, so that you can open up and receive an even greater abundant flow into your business and life!

Shining brightly,



My Latest Fave Soul-Inspired Books to Uplevel Your Biz and Life

I’ve been really enjoying taking a fair amount of time off this month to vacation with my husband and son, visit family in Texas, take a solo retreat, and relax and do whatever I’m inspired to do in the moment.

One of my favorite ways to relax and reconnect is through reading. Books inspire me to no end!

Now, I love a great novel now and then, and I’m inspired to share with you a handful of books that are focused on my passions of personal, spiritual and business development–and it just so happens they’re all written by women!

Here are 7 books I highly recommend to uplevel your business and life. I hope you discover one or two or more that speak to you.

Women Who Run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, PhD
This landmark book was given to me as a birthday gift from my yoga teacher 15 years ago, and it literally sat on my shelf all those years. A few months ago, I was inspired to pick it up, and holy moly!

What a phenomenal, timely message this book gives to women today: “Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing…” Amen, sister. The Wild Woman lives!

The Magic Path of Intuition, Florence Scovel Shinn
Ms. Shinn rocks! A voice of practical, spiritual wisdom from the 1920s who gives you high-vibe affirmations to cultivate your intuition, believe in your Divine power, and release the resistance, fear and doubt once and for all. As Florence says, “You must live fully in the now to make your dreams come true.” She is all about living a spiritual and rich life. Me, too!

P*ssyA Reclamation, Regena Thomashauer
I love, love, love this book! It was seriously edgy for me to say and share about this book when I first bought it. But I trusted my intuition and started recommending to select clients, friends and Mastermind partners—who all loved it, too. It’s another landmark book for women and a clarion call to bring more pleasure into your business and life. Highly recommended!

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert 
Permission. This book in her wonderfully witty and warm way gives me a lot of permission to be free—to try, to fail, to fall down, to succeed, to soar, to whatever, and not be concerned with the outcome. The magic is in persisting; in staying committed to my craft as an entrepreneur; to keep going with putting my “art” (which for me is my voice and my business offerings) out there in small and big ways, no matter what.

Presence, Amy Cuddy
The essence of this book and Amy’s uber-popular TED talk is that we can use our bodies—through “power poses”—to help us feel confident and present, especially when faced with a stressful or intimidating situation.

By getting our bodies in motion and taking on powerful postures, we literally change our brain chemistry—lowering cortisol (the stress hormone) and increasing testosterone and good-feeling hormones. I love “power posing” before speaking in front of groups and highly recommend it to all my clients and workshop participants.

From Worry to Wealthy: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Success Without the Stress, Chellie Campbell
I just started reading this one last week on the airplane to Dallas, and I really appreciate Chellie’s highly practical business and money wisdom shared in her down-to-earth style. I met Chellie last year when she spoke at my favorite women’s networking group, and she’s super fun and funny, and gives practical steps to creating financial success. I adore her money affirmations. My fave: People love to give me money!

Powerful and Feminine, Rachael Jayne Groover
This is my newest book. I literally got it in the mail yesterday (!), but I’m including it here because I heard Rachael Jayne speak earlier this month and LOVE her message. So much so that I signed up for one of her Art of Feminine Presence workshops in September. Excited to read this book on increasing my magnetic presence and being authentically powerful!

So, that’s it. The Magic 7.

Which one resonates the most for you? I’d love to hear! Comment below and let me know your thoughts, and share your soul-inspired book recommendations with me.

Feminine Business Success

One of My Top 5 Tools For Feminine Business Success

One of the best tools I know to keep me happy and thriving in my business; having lots of free time for myself and my family; AND living like the Goddess CEO/wife/mother that I know myself to be…is my calendar!

Most often, if it’s not on my calendar, then it doesn’t happen.

So I tend to be pretty obsessive about calendarizing just about everything that’s a priority for me.

And not just the business stuff like client sessions, marketing, attending networking events and daily money tracking.

But all the personal stuff that lights me up: daily meditation, yoga classes, date nights with my husband, afternoon fun with my son, weekend hikes with my family, a weekly Skype call with a dear friend, vacations, quarterly self-love days, cleaning out my garage like I did last weekend, and so on.

Because as Tony Robbins says, “If you talk about it, it’s a dream​. If​ you envision it, it’s possibl​e. B​ut if you schedule it, it’s real.”

My calendar literally makes things real in my life! It keeps me focused and out of overwhelm, and helps me stay in my sweet spot.

​I know, I know. Some of you may think ​too much on the calendar can sound constricting or rigid.

In fact, it can be just the opposite… liberating and freeing you up to focus and do ONLY the things that light you up!

Here are a few simple tips to have your calendar be a trusted tool for creating what you really want in your business and life.

​1) Remember, you’re the boss. Have the mindset that YOU are in charge of your calendar and get to choose how you spend your time.

So it’s not about being a slave to your calendar. If you notice you’ve over-scheduled yourself one week, you have the power to change it and make it work for YOU!

Time is the only thing we ALL have in equal measure–unlike money, education and opportunities, which are wide and varied among all the diverse people on this planet.

But we all have access to the same amount of time. We all have 24 hours in a day, 365 days in the year or “five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes” as the song goes! Yet, most of us walk around feeling time-starved.

2) Review your calendar at the beginning of each week. (Or you may find it works better for you to review your next week’s calendar at the end of a week.)

With the mindset of you’re the boss and in charge of what’s on your calendar, you’ll want to review it regularly and make sure that what’s there is still what you want to be doing. Here are some questions you can ask:

  • Do I LOVE what I see?
  • What adjustments need to be made?
  • Is there something on there to reschedule or let go of completely?
  • What would make an important activity that I don’t enjoy doing (like bill paying or marketing) more FUN for me?
  • What support do I need?

Bonus Tip: Put your weekly calendar review time on your calendar! Set a recurring appointment with yourself and take these 15-20 game-changing minutes each week to be the boss of your time.

3) Use your calendar to manifest what you want in your business and life.

One of the secrets I learned early on in my business is when you want to create something–whether that’s more clients, money or speaking engagements–is to get ready for it as if you are certain it’s going to happen. “Dig ditches,” as the saying goes.

So I started scheduling client appointments in my calendar–even before they signed on with me or I even knew who they were! And what I noticed is that once I created space for them in my calendar and confidently acted as if it was happening, new clients showed up to fill those spots I had blocked out just for them.

This works for everything. Want more speaking engagements? Schedule them in. Want more self-care days? Schedule it. More vacations? Schedule it, even if you’re not sure yet where the money is going to come from.

Because your brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real or not, your subconscious will get to work fulfilling what you desire. And your calendar will serve as that visual reminder and reinforcement for the business and life you truly want to create.

Here’s to doing MORE of the things that light you up, so you are free to shine like the radiant rockstar you are!

With love & abundance,

3 Easy Ways to Get Out of Overwhelm in Your Business

3 Easy Ways to Get Out of Overwhelm in Your Business

Here’s what I hear a lot of these days from my clients and other entrepreneurs in my community:

I’m so overwhelmed! There’s so much I need to do — and should to — to grow my business. I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. How do I focus and prioritize? Help! Something has to change.

Can you relate?

I definitely go through waves of feeling overwhelmed in my business and other parts of my life, especially when family demands or a crisis call out for my attention.

When you’re in overwhelm, it most likely means you have too much on your plate or the wrong things on your plate, you’re spending too much time on non-revenue-generating activities, or you’re not reaching out for support in the ways you need to.

As Abraham says “You’re never going to get it all done, so what are you racing toward?

Here’s a quick 3-question exercise to get you out of overwhelm and restore your focus on the things that really matter in your business, which I believe are revenue-generating activities that light you up so you can continue to make the difference you’re here to make!

Before you start, take a slow deep mindful breath.

1) What’s one activity you can give up or let go of?

2) Where’s one place you can say “no”?

3) Where’s one place you can clear up clutter?

Invest the 5 minutes now to honestly answer these questions, and let me know how it goes.

I just did this exercise and quickly deleted 4 things from my “to do” list and said “no” to a networking event tonight. I also committed to clearing the clutter of my desk by the end of this week. Now, your turn!

Affirm: I let go of overwhelm and practice saying “enlightened no’s” to people, situations, and opportunities that do not serve me at this time. Each moment of my workday solely exists to bring me joy. I remember to lighten up, laugh more and appreciate more. All is well.

Happy spring cleaning your business!​