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Here's how I respond to "What will people think?"

Last week I had a powerful conversation with my coach where the…

3 Things to Master as a Soulpreneur (Plus Lava Cave Photos!)

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Rebecca Massoud

What I've Been Resisting in My Biz... and You?

Not too long ago I was at a women's leadership luncheon, and the table topic was, “What are you resisting in your business?” Hmmm.... As the other women shared about their resistance to having a social media strategy, being on LinkedIn, or picking up the phone to talk with prospective clients, I sat with this question. What I realized is this...

5 Questions to Give "Edge" to Your Signature Talk

Spring brings a new & fresh go-for-it energy into your life and business. Are you feeling it? I definitely am! The energy that I'm tuning into is that it's TIME to put the pedal to the metal and be fully expressed, unleashed, real, raw, vulnerable, as WE step out to share our messages and unique viewpoints. But you may wonder, "What IS my unique message?" Or if you're like many of my clients and workshop participants, you may ask "How DO I pick a topic for my talk?"
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How to Grow Confidence in Your Message + Gifts

I had so much fun with this amazing group of entrepreneurs and…

Are These Common Pitfalls Blocking Your Money Flow?

Boogie boarding has become one of my favorite new habits. As…