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My Fave Book Recommendations for 2016

Books, books, books. I LOVE books! And I especially love how they can have such a life-changing impact on our lives. Here are 6 top recommendations of books I read last year, plus 5 of my all-time favorites: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks If you’re ready to step into and truly live in your […]

How to Get Started with Speaking to Grow Your Email List and Attract Wonderful New Clients for You

You’ve heard speaking is a great way to build your business and attract new clients. But how do you even get started? I know from personal experience how daunting it can be to hear “just get out there and speak” when you’re not even clear where to begin. So in this article I share with you my best tips for taking those critical first steps.

A Tribute to a Dear Friend

A dear friend of mine, someone whom I’ve known for more than 20 years, passed away recently. It was sudden. A diagnosis came and then about eight weeks later, poof, he was gone. Last weekend we gathered to honor his amazing life, and what a life it was. Upon returning, I got the hit to […]