One of the best ways to stand out as a speaker & thought leader is to share your unique perspective, experiences and beliefs on the topic you are presenting.

All the while expressing your uniquely human characteristics, quirks, stories and personal magic!

This is what I call your “secret sauce” and what the late cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien calls your “original medicine.”

Expressing the whole of you in your speaking and writing IS what sets you apart and has your people sit up and pay attention to you.

Below I share 7 soul-inspired questions to help you uncover your “secret sauce.”

👉But first, here are 5 tips to support you in answering the questions:

  1. To fully receive your answers from a soul-inspired place, print the questions out and handwrite your answers in a notebook, journal or on copy paper, instead of just typing them into your computer.
  2. Find a spot, away from your desk, in your home or workspace that truly inspires you. (My “inspired spots” are my living room couch near big windows or my backyard patio where I feel surrounded by nature.)
  3. Next, take a few deep breaths, relax your body, and start with the first question.
  4. Stay relaxed as best as you can and receive your answers as you go. Let your writing flow uncensored. Go with what comes, even if it doesn’t quite make sense yet.

Finally, trust what you receive and act upon it. Be willing to express your bold perspective, your “secret sauce,” with the people you are called to serve.

Now, to the 7 questions…

  1. What personal challenges or experiences have you had with your ideal clients’ #1 challenge? What steps did you take to overcome this challenge, and what are the specific outcomes you experienced?
  2. What do you firmly believe on this topic or challenge that you are inviting others to believe with you?
  3. What did you love to do as a child—that lit you up and made you come alive?
  4. What is it about you that causes people to listen to you—whether in public speaking or in everyday life?
  5. When you know you’re not being judged, what parts of yourself do you reveal that you truly love about yourself?
  6. What challenges do you see in the world that upset you, frustrate you, excite you, AND that you’ve got to do something about?
  7. If you had just 10 minutes and your life depended on it, what idea would you share with the world?

Next Steps: Once you’ve answered these questions, look for patterns in your responses. Is there a theme that repeats itself?

And what are some simple ways you can you begin to reveal MORE of your “secret sauce” as you speak, write and connect with your ideal clients?

Trust me, your audience is eagerly awaiting to see, feel and experience so much more of your passion, authentic self and thought leadership on your topic.

About Rebecca Massoud

Rebecca Massoud, founder of SHINE, is an award-winning business success coach and marketing mentor for soul-inspired women entrepreneurs. She believes it's time for you to move beyond what holds you back in marketing your business and bringing your unique message to the world, so that, individually, you can create an amazing income and amazing joy in your work, and, collectively, we can create an amazing impact.
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